Chris Monaghan

Chris Monaghan at stars2come




 Chris out of Maryland is one amazing up and coming artist. With guitar in hand he sets out to entertain everyone. He has his own unique sound and style that will set him apart from many others coming up in music. He has been taking this great sound, and his gift for the guitar all around Maryland, and people love him.

When he first started out he was performing with  his band, but he really started focusing on his music when he began taking interest in solo gigs. He loves playing at Looney’s, in Bel Air, Maryland this is one of the favorite hot spots there, and it has a great stage with lighting. He plays here a couple times a year with his band. These are fundraising events, and they always have a great time. A lot of his solo gigs are at places like creameries, and cafe’s. He has been putting a lot of effort in building his song list, and playing two to four times a month solo.

Chris gets all his inspiration from his uncle Eddy Tooten. Eddy is a musician in the Tampa Bay area, and continues to mentor Chris. He tells Chris to work hard and stay humble. Chris hopes to be a singer/songwriter/performer, and to one day start a foundation to help the homeless. He has started on his songwriting, he currently has three songs written and composed so far. Most of his compositions comes from just spending a great deal of time with his guitar. The songs he writes he wants them to all be based on a true story, and is usually things he has experienced himself.

Chris does work hard at his music, and he believes that if you work hard at it you can make your dreams happen.  He does spend a great deal of time working on his music, but he still leaves time for regular fun stuff like riding dirt bikes, and basketball. At the rate that Chris is going it will not be long before he is burning up the North East, and then the rest of the country will not be far behind. Don’t miss out on a opportunity to see him live, he will put on a great performance that you will enjoy from start to finish.