Christian Anthony

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Girls get ready here comes Christian, and soon you are going to say, Justin who!? Christian has everything there is going for him. He has some of the most amazing music ever, and his band has a fantastic blend. The band is one of the most perfectly tuned anywhere on the net and most of TV. Their voices, the instruments are right on the money not anything out of place. These guys are going to be major, as soon as they ever hit the air waves they will take over. With Christian, he will not even need to sing a note to take over Justin`s spot, all he needs to do is stand up, smile and wink, and the girls are going to go nuts.

This incredible young lad started bringing  his wonderful sound to life when he was about seven years old. He is now thirteen living in Sydney, and Sydney will never be the same now. You are looking at one of the biggest, soon to be stars on the planet. He has many great skills, and his guitar playing is one of them. His playing is very smooth,  clean and matches so well with his voice, that it is just unreal.  His performance, and delivery on stage is very well done. Christian has been performing his whole life, in dance, to a lead role in a play, and Mosman Concerts and Band Nights. All this experience  really shows on stage.

Christian Anthony at stars2come Christian has a wonderful band called “School`s Out”, and is made up of four band members, Christian lead vocals, Jay the drummer, Molly guitarist, and Blake the bass. This band has been doing some great performances. One of which was at Rouse Hill Music Festival, they had a full hour on stage. Another was at Yo Yo`s they played a forty five minute set in front of 300 people. Christian said, that is was an amazing night and the audience had an amazing time. One great thing about this band, is that they can switch up with vocals much like the Jonas Brothers. This is a great thing giving them more flexibility, and giving the audience more variety. Who ever is doing the vocals it is always an amazing performance. Christian says, the band members are fantastic and he couldn`t do what he does with out them.

There really is no stopping Christian, he is so talented in many ways, and his song writing abilities are top of the line. When he was eleven he wrote “Manly Surfer Girl” (Manly is the name of a beach in Australia), it is a fantastic song. The lyrics are outstanding, and the music they put with it is just brilliant.  “Twitter Twitter”, now this is a number one song if there ever was one. This song how ever came to be from a bad experience that Christian had. He was hacked on his school computer. He came home upset and his dad said to write a song about as a joke, but Christian did write the song. It is song about a cyber romance. This song shows how creative he is, by taking any idea and making into one of the best songs on the net. He has written about ten songs himself and the band has five together. Christian and Jay wrote a song together called “Deception” that will be out very soon. You can bet this will be just as amazing as the rest.

Christian as said before, has many talents. Not only does he play the guitar and sing, but he also plays bass, drums, and piano. He is very big in sports, and he is a state Cricket player, he recently went to Sri Lanka and played for the under seventeen year old`s.  Making him a very rounded young man. It is always great to have many interests. Soon he will be found on TV.  “School`s Out”  is a TV show that hopefully will be showing on Disney or Nick. very soon.  One of his goals is to be as big as Justin Bieber, well once he hits TV with his band, he will be watching Justin out his dad`s review mirror, and Justin covered in dust. Christian and his band are as real as it gets. These guys can go in and record and sell their music, without any help from technology. Everything they do is spot on and this is the way music is suppose to be.