Christian Ferguson

Christian Ferguson at stars2come


Now here is a young man to keep your eye on. Christian Ferguson eleven years old from Nashville, put on a fantastic show at the NACMAI in March. There was many performers during the NACMAI, but only a few stood out and Christian was one of them. He was so professional when he performed and interacted well with the audience. He looks so natural up on stage, and music is a part of who he is.

Christian started singing when he was about three years old, and he loves it. When he was young, he was taking his vocal training from his GranDot  (Dottie Rambo), but he is currently taking them from J. Kelly Studios. His vocals are very good and smooth, with a very nice tone. When his GranDot was around they sang at the fantastic DollyWood and Silver Dollar City. Christian has done a lot since he first began performing at age four. He loves to perform at the NACMAI, and has won awards from there, and most importantly he entertained the audience with a great show. You can also catch him performing with the J Kelly Studios. They put on shows every other year and Christian is usually performing.

Christian is one that understands what having fun is all about, and that is exactly what he does when he performs. He says, he just likes having fun, that`s what singing is for him. He loves to pick out songs to sing. He tries his hardest to pick songs that show off his vocals, but are also fun to sing. Christian has also found himself on TV. He appeared on the Jim Baker Show. There is something most people don`t know about Christian is that he also acts. He played Patrick in Mame. He is someone you just expect to see when you turn the TV on. He has a face that just belongs there. He would be great in a Hallmark film. He just fits so well with Hallmark. Christian does have a lot going for him and will do well in any field of the entertainment business. You can count on much more coming from Christian, he will make his mark in music and film.