Christine Kiberg


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Christine is a wonderful young lady coming out of Denmark.  She has a great personality and she brings that right out in her songs. Christine is a very delightful person to watch and listen to.

Christine, when she was little would fool around singing some random kids songs with her mom, and this is what got her into singing. It is easy to tell that she has been singing for a while, the maturity really stands out. After she got a bit older around thirteen she got a guitar, a white acoustic Spanish guitar. Another person on YouTube, Savannah Outen, inspired her to want to learn. Christine has learned a lot from Savannah by watching her play and she plays very well. Now her guitars are her best friends. Her first performance how ever was at eleven performing “Since You`ve Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson. She performed this with her band The Rockers. She loves to perform, but unfortunately where she lives there are not many places or opportunities to perform. She has gotten to perform at her school and at a kid festival called Vilde Vulkaner with her band CLAN .

Christine is also a great songwriter. She has currently two online  and has more coming soon. She likes to make sure they are perfect before sharing her songs. That is a very professional way of thinking. The songs she writes represents her and she wants them just right, and getting them perfect is not always easy. She hopes to some day be able to record them in a studio with lots of instruments.

Singing is a great outlet for her, it allows her to disappear into her own little world and has gotten her out of some difficult times. This lets her get rid of every feeling and frustration out of her body. Singing and writing does so much good for Christine, that if she didn`t do these things she says, she would be a totally different person. When she sings she does not try and be anyone but her self. Christine says, everyone is special and a individual, and she loves to meet people because of how different everyone is. She finds it cool to stand out and be able to stand up with your own opinions, you are, who you are and that is what`s important.