Ciana Pelekai

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Ciana is a beautiful young lady from Hawaii out spreading joy with her amazing voice and bubbly personality. She is so talented when it comes to singing she can bring the energy or touch your heart, and we have seen her do both in her performances on America’s Got Talent. In her last performance on the show she sang “Next To Me” and sang it brilliantly. During this performance you can really see her bubbly personality come out and the passion she has for performing. There were a lot of young people performing on AGT, but when Ciana hit the stage she defiantly the happiest girl on earth.

Ciana was six years old when she began to perform out in public, but it was her sister that inspired it all when she was even younger. Her sister was a singer and would follow her when she would perform. Ciana’s first performance was at Don Ho’s restaurant for a kids karaoke contest.

Ciana works hard for her dream and she truly believes in herself and her abilities. This year she made her second appearance on America’s Got Talent and said it was her favorite performance. She was on the show in 2009 as well, but she really loved it this time around. She said it was her favorite because she got to be on TV and sing in front of celebrity judges. Ciana did an amazing job on the show and everyone got to hear that wonderful voice of her’s and always spot on. As amazing as she was, she unfortunately did not make it too far, but we all truly enjoyed the time she was there. She said it was a great experience performing on the show. On Hawaii it is hard for her to perform because there are not many opportunities, so this was special for her. She said while she was on the show she did make some great friends who she continues to keep in touch with like, Anna Christine, Chloe, Genesis, and many more.

Performing is great fun for Ciana and it really showed in her TV performances, she was always smiling. Whenever she sings she likes to cover Christina Aguilera and Beyonce. She says she really loves their music and voices. She hopes to one day to become a famous singer and perform everywhere. Ciana certainly has the talent to take her to stardom and it is not likely the great ocean will hold her back from making her dreams come true.

Right now she doesn’t really have any plans, just going back to being herself with friends, school, and family. Even though she sings, she still feels that she is just an average girl that loves to perform on stage. This wonderful young lady will be back, you can bet on it. Ciana has far too much talent not to make it in the music industry. You can count on her rising up into the limelight again soon where she will amaze everyone once again. Ciana is amazing and amazing things happen to people like her.