Ciera MacKenzie

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Ciera is one amazing person and it was a true pleasure to meet and hear her in person. This young lady has one of the best personalities going and when she hits the stage, it is pure joy. Ciera is fairly new to the music scene, but she is making a big impression on everyone. Whenever Ciera finished with her sets, she was always greeted by some new fans wanting to talk and get photos. She has a wonderful soft voice with a great tone that is going to make her one of the best, at tender and meaningful songs. Ciera has already shown what she can do and to give you an idea of what is to come, is found with her very own song that she wrote, “Volunteer Soldier”.

Ciera did a wonderful job writing “Volunteer Soldier” and you can tell it all came from the heart. Being from a military family herself, she has a whole different view than most, and helped the song to hit home with people even more. With Ciera’s soft voice and her understanding of people in the military, is what helped her to not only write, but deliver this song in such a touching and meaningful way. If you listen to Volunteer Soldier she is going to touch you emotionally and you will never forget. Ciera is a true artist.

Ciera MacKenzie at stars2come  Ciera is twelve years old and she only began singing out in public this year in April, and what an impact she is already making, incredible!  She came out for her debut performance in a big way performing at Fort Sill, Oklahoma opening for Big and Rich. She said this was her first performance and she knew performing in front of an audience was what she wanted to do. Needless to say Big and Rich is one of her most favorite performances, and at that performance the crowd was huge. During Ciera’s trip to Nashville she sang at the Opry Mills Mall for the Tunes For Tots charity and she really loved being there to help out others. She really liked singing here because not only did she help raise money, but she got to sing with her friends as well.

This trip to Nashville happened to be her first and it turned into a big success. Ciera said it was a very exciting trip and while there signed with PCG Nashville. She also says that she was very nervous about it, but made so many great new friends, and can’t wait to go back.

Ciera loves being on stage, she says she likes it because she can be herself there. It is always a great feeling for her when the crowd has a lot of energy and gets into the music. When Ciera is out performing she does not sing many covers, but when she does, she likes Taylor Swift because her songs are so catchy. Ciera hopes to continue to perform her own music and have fun. One day down the road she would love to make her first music video; (Volunteer Soldier would make an awesome video).

Ciera does do a great deal of writing and seems to be drawn towards those that dig at your heart, not songs with “just” meaning, but personal meaning to her and the listener. She captured these things in her song Volunteer Soldier, but she did it again with a song called, Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel was written about the daughter of her dad’s friend that was killed by a drunk driver. Her name was MacKenzie Frazee sixteen years old. Ciera said she never met her, but because they have so much in common, she feels close to her. Everything that Ciera writes about are all connected to her in some form. When writers have a good connection to a song, then the listener gets to grasp and feel the emotions of the writer and artist, in this case they are one and the same, and Ciera is gifted at both to say the least.

Ciera says that even though she loves to perform, she is still just a farm girl who likes to play with her goats and is very patriotic. She is a very down to earth girl who happens to be very creative in the arts. Ciera may have just started, but with the talent she has, she will soon be stuck in everyone’s heart and everyone waiting in anticipation of her next release. It is hard to describe how amazing Ciera is, but once you meet her and hear her, she draws you in like a magnet! There are a lot of great things to come from Ciera and it will be a joy watching them unfold. What a talent!

Volunteer Soldier