Claire Holdren

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Introducing ten year old, Claire Holdren an opera/classical singer from Ohio. When Claire starts to sing, it’s like the heavens opened up and you suddenly hear the voice of an angel. Her voice is clear and beautiful. The beauty that she extends to others through her voice, is like the morning sun unveiling the wonders of the earth around you, and warming your soul. Music has the power to brighten one’s day and Claire does just that. Claire often talks about how music will change her mood. But the miracle is, she touches others and brings them into the light.

She was about five years old when she began to take interest in singing, but her parents says she sang before she could talk. Even though she was singing, no one thought much of it until Claire got a little older and people started pointing out her special voice. When she started to sing solo, she was naturally scared. Her first solo was at a recital at school in the 2nd grade.

Claire now has about fifteen solos and the compliments from the people in the audiences, are grand. “People say that they cannot believe I am only ten years old. They also say that my voice makes them cry because it touches them” says Claire.  Whenever she begins to sing, it’s such a surprise to everyone that such a magnificent voice is coming from a ten year old, it’s truly hard to believe.

At a recent performance she sang, Poor Wandering One from Pirates of Penzance at her spring recital. This has become a favorite for her. “I loved it because it’s an opera piece with high notes, which I love, but it’s also silly” says Claire. It was much fun for her to work with a big opera song like Poor Wandering One.

Many young people often enter into singing competitions and Claire is no different. To date she has only entered one, but needless to say she did win first place in her age group. From this win Claire was interviewed and got to perform on a local TV show.

When it comes to singing, it’s clear that classic/opera is what fits her, but she sometimes sings pop, but just around the house. Claire loves singing opera, she says its fun to sing, and she loves the high notes. She is not just someone out singing songs, singing is who she is, music is part of her being and serves a purpose. “I can relate to songs. It can change my mood, and it just makes me happy. It’s also cool when people say that my singing touches them” says Claire. As long as Claire is singing somewhere, she is happy and enjoys listening to the words coming from her.

Theater plays a part in what she so enjoys; singing. She has now been in eight plays at several community theaters. Claire loves doing theater that involves singing. Her dream is to be on Broadway. She would like to go to college where she can specialize in musical theater.

Claire has a few exciting things coming up and if you are close by, stop and listen to her sing. She has a solo at her church coming up, also this summer she will be singing the National Anthem at the Akron Rubber Ducks game. In September Claire will have a fifteen minute solo performance at Canton’s First Friday.

While singing is a huge part of Claire’s life, there’s still much more to her. A few other things she enjoys doing are; she loves playing with her dog, hangout with friends, swimming, reading, relaxing and being outside. She also is extremely talkative and has a crazy sense of humor. Claire loves going to church and using her voice for God’s glory. All in all, Claire is an average kid, but with a not so average voice.

Claire talks about using her voice for God’s glory, but in reality she is part of his glory. Claire is his creation, a creation put on this earth to shed light on those whose light has dimmed, to bring people closer together. No one can listen to Claire and not feel something inside. She holds part of God’s light inside her and every time she sings, she spreads a little of that light onto others.