Clay Boatwright

Clay Boatwright at stars2come

Clay Boatwright is one awesome entertainer, after seeing him live at the NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International) I was hooked on him. He can put on the most amazing show, he is not one bit shy on stage and the crowd loves him. Not only is he not afraid to do his thing on stage,  he also has a fantastic voice and you get hooked on listening.

Clay at just ten years old is really making waves everywhere he goes to perform. He has had quite a bit of time practicing, considering he started singing as soon as he could talk. He started his vocal training about two years ago with Marie Hardway and it is just awesome what he can do, he can sing rock or country with no problem. He is now taking his performance to another level, he started this past year learning the guitar taking his lessons from Tony Smotherman, and if plays the guitar the way he sings, he will be dynamite.

He made his debut performance at the Clay County Fair in April 2009, singing Rocky Top. Rock Top is a major classic and he performs this song wonderfully.

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Clay Boatwright at stars2come Clay is another honorable person. He loves to share his music with people who may not other wise be able to get out and enjoy performances like his. He loves to go to assisted living homes at Christmas and sing, the group he is in does caroling at several of these homes. In September 2010 he got a great experience, a ride in a Limo. In Lake City Florida he performed for JR American Idol, and was the runner up, and all the kids got to ride in a Limo to the show.  This year in March was his first time performing for NACMAI in Tennessee, and came out a winner. He won Male Vocalist of the Year for ages 7-12 in Traditional Country. For his first year he came out great, he enjoyed the whole experience. It was a joy for the crowd as well.

Clay does work very hard learning his songs and practicing for his performances, and loves every minute of it, but there is much more to Clay. He is a very kind hearted person always willing to help some one else. He is very out going, loves school with his favorite class being Art, and is very good at it. Clay is also a major animal lover, he has several that he cares for, chickens, a mini donkey, rabbits, and a cow, what ever the animal he loves them.

Clay is a person you have to see live. He is a real treat to see, and he will keep a smile on your face the whole time. Clay has a lot going for him and has a very good chance of becoming very big. Be-sure to keep your eyes open and when you see he is coming close to you make plans to go watch you will not be disappointed.

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