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People have always said they grow things bigger in Texas, and what they were talking about was, Clay Mobley. Clay towers above most everyone, even Blake Shelton is going to have to look up to him. When it comes to singing he packs one of the biggest and best baritone voices out there. The only thing Clay is going to have to worry about with his size are the stampedes of girls when he hits the stage. The girls will for sure be after the right guy, he is super nice and loaded with talent.

When you meet Clay one thing that does not come to mind, is for him to be nervous or afraid of anything, but when he took to the stage at eight years old he certainly was. He was a bit smaller then, but he made his first performance at his school talent show. Even though he was a little nervous, once he sang and heard the applause he didn’t want to stop, he wanted to perform again and again.

Clay has continued to perform sharing his great gift with everyone. He entered a stage performance course offered by Ballard School of Music in Wylie, Texas called Searching for a Star. (I think they found one). He learned the basics of performing, but this was also a contest. The first year he won second place in his age group and then he competed again and was the overall winner in 2011. He has also had the great opportunity to sing at the Arlington Music Hall. He says this was a large professional venue with dressing rooms and a large audience. He felt honored performing there because of the number of famous people who had performed on that stage in the past. He has been performing everywhere and with a fairly large performance at Six Flags over Texas. At Six Flags he had three thirty minute performances. He has also been doing performances for Tunes for Tots performing at Love and War in Plano, Texas and Grapevine, Texas. Clay’s performances have taken him to Nashville as well where he put on more performances for Tunes for Tots. He has performed at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, and at BB Kings.

When it comes to performing Clay is the real deal. Clay performs because he loves it, it does not matter if it is for two people or three thousand, performing is just what he does, and he does it very well. “Music has a way of making people feel better and I want to be a part of that!” says Clay. When Clay is out performing he likes to cover songs from Josh Turner because of the many songs he has with low and high ranges to showcase his voice. He also likes covering Chris Young, Scotty McCreery, and George Straight as well. He hopes to one day realize his dream of performing on the legendary stage at the Grand Ole Opry.

Clay may be out entertaining people covering songs from other artists, but this is sure to be short-lived because he has started writing his own. Clay is so talented that you know the songs he writes will be spectacular. On one of his trips to Nashville he co-wrote his very first song with a songwriter there and hopes to record it soon. Since his visit to Nashville he has written four more songs, but the song he wrote in there is his favorite because, it is his first.

Clay has already met with producers and an independent record label in Nashville.  He is currently working on a project with Jeff Huskins and has recorded his first EP. He said recording at the Tracking Room and Blackbird Studios was a great experience. Be sure to keep your eye open for the EP it is going to be incredible.

Clay wants to use his God given gift to become a professional performer, music means the world to him. He dreams to inspire and share his love for music to the world. If you would like to enjoy his love of music you can catch him this summer when he will be performing at the Grapevine Opry Summer Kids Show. He just recently found out he was cast for the show and he is very excited about it. There will be eight shows and he will be in at least four of them.

Once you hear Clay you truly cannot imagine him doing anything else. He is a big guy carrying a big voice that he knows how to use very well. There is another big artist to come from Texas and that is George Straight. George is the king, but Clay is the prince and he has the voice to one day take that title. He has the talent and charisma on stage to where  he is going to be the one to beat. He is going be someone who people are going to look up to, literally, not just for his height, but for his talent.