Colin Brennan


Colin Brennan at stars2come   Now here is one fine young gentlemen, Colin Brennan out of Canada. This little man can really sing. At just eight years old he can belt out songs one after another, with an awesome voice that makes you want to listen over and over. Colin is very cool to watch in his videos, you can see he is just having the best time of his life, and you can`t help, but like him.

 Like most kids who sing, Colin also started singing almost as soon as he could talk, but unlike the other kids Colin didn`t start talking until age three. Colin has Autism, and because of this he did not talk until he was three years old. Autism didn`t hold him back once he began to talk the songs came rolling out. Once he started responding to speech therapy he began singing the Care Bears song full out. In preschool childcare he would sing all day, he dad would get notes from the teachers there saying that he was singing throughout the whole day.

 Colin has not had any official vocal training, he is self taught, and doing a very good job. He is currently sing with the Oakville Children’s Choir, here they do offer one on one vocal training,  which Colin will be eligible for with in the next year. (Below is Colin`s first music video, it is amazing).


Colin Brennan at stars2come

 Singing is what Colin loves to do, and because of Autism this lets him do something others have a hard time doing, and that is focusing on one thing. For a lot of people focusing on one thing is hard to do, for most their minds will wonder off on other things, not Colin and it really shows in his ability to sing. People often feel that Autism is a disability, but it is clear in Colin, it is not a disability, it is a liability! When it comes to performing on stage, Colin has zero nerves. He just started on stage about six months ago when he entered Canada`s The Next Star. For Colin it didn`t bother him one bit, he made it through the first two rounds, but on the third he was asked to come back next year. His dad was very proud of him. One of the big events he still talks about was in Vancouver BC, Canada for the ANCA Naturally Autistic Awards show. He sang solo in front of  300 people, then afterward  he got to sing  with pop singer Janet Panic, sing her theme song “It Will All Work Out”. This was a 4000 mile trip, and was a major adventure for him. He did another performance in November at the Glenburnie Private School vocal competition, he came in forth place and was thrilled to get his first real medal.

 Colin was on Canadian National TV, he was a top ten finalist in the Teletoon Network Karaoke singing contest, he was featured several times singing a theme song to one of their cartoons. He was very excited to see himself on TV.  Colin likes being able to go anywhere and sing, and make people smile and feel good about themselves.  How ever Colin doesn`t think about creating music like others, instead he enjoys the moment and full-filling a passion. During his recording studio sessions he is always making sure the owners are happy with his singing and that he is doing good.

 For Colin Autism gives him magic powers and he wants to use it to make people happy. Colin has said, that he does not want anyone, to take away his Autism. He says, he is Autism. He loves meeting other singers and performing with them. While he does not have any home friends, he now has many in the music industry. Colin is a great example of what happiness is!