Colin Chandler

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If you are ever down around Pigeon Forge and smell something burning  it’s not a fire in the mountains, its Colin Chandler burning up the strings on that fiddle of his. When Colin picks up the fiddle Charlie Daniels nor the Devil has anything on Colin, he will flat blow your mind when he starts to play he will run them both out of Georgia. He is amazing on the fiddle and he spends his time entertaining people from Tennessee to Georgia.

As brilliant as Colin is with the fiddle you might think he has been playing for several years, but he has really only been playing for a couple of years. People always enjoys Colin when he plays, but he also sings and when he puts the two together it is pure entertainment. He has been singing all his life, but when it came to the fiddle he got  inspired a couple years ago by the fiddle player Mairead Nesbitt in  Celtic Woman.

Colin is a great entertainer and has been entertaining people since the age of six. When Colin was six years old he was a Lollipop Guild Munchkin with the Actors Studio in Athens, Georgia and later on he made his first solo vocal performance singing the Celtic song, “Come By The Hills” in Jefferson, Georgia. He and his family always enjoy going to bluegrass festivals, picking out fiddle parts in country songs on the radio and watching Stephen Grepelli on YouTube. He really loves music and performing and what really got him fired up about his music is when he had the opportunity to work on his first album with Chuck Day, Diane Berry, Clinton Gregory, and Gene Breeden in Nashville.

Colin Chandler at stars2come Colin’s talents have landed him some amazing performances and one of them was when he performed at Dollywood in Sha-Kon-O- Hey! The Land Of Blue Smoke. He says the sets there were amazing and the cast and crew were as well. He really loved the story line and got to dance, sing, act, climb an enormous tree and play around with the Ukrainian and Russian acrobats. This was also his first time working with a professional choreographer.

While Colin does perform around many places, it is possible you may have missed him, but no worries  you can always catch him  at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Colin is now in his third year with the theater and he and the whole cast put on an amazing show it is one of the best sows I have ever seen. He loves being able to perform everyday and seeing the audience’s reaction during the performances. He says everyone in the cast is so talented and they all feel like family.  He does love doing these shows and this past year his favorite part was the Hee Haw segment. He loved his costume and playing The Devil Went Down To Georgia. He says it is so much fun going out and meeting and signing autographs for everyone after the shows. When they are not performing at the theater, he says a few of them go out and perform at various campgrounds, public ceremonies and charity events. Here recently he and his sister Chloe performed the National Anthem at a basketball game. Also during time off from the theater he takes part in vocal and fiddle competitions to sharpen his skills.

Colin is an amazing performer and performing is when he is the happiest, this is truly what he wants to do the rest of his life. Everyone should stop by the Country Tonite theater to see the show and you can also catch him very soon at the 2014 NACMAI competition which is also held at the theater.

Colin is taking his talents to new heights and growing more talented all the time and now he can add songwriting to those talents as well. He says he has always enjoyed reading and writing, but what started out as writing poetry turned into songwriting with his dad. He has already recorded three of the songs he has written and his favorite song of them is called, “On Top Of The World”. This song is about his family, his home, and his favorite climbing tree.

Wow! what an awesome talent Colin is and even though he spends a great deal of time on stage he is still just a regular boy. Colin gets into all kinds of things he likes archery, hiking, collecting and throwing knives, running around the woods and swimming. He is just a wonderful down home country boy.

No matter what be sure and carve out sometime to see Colin performing, I promise you will not be disappointed. Colin is a true entertainer and it will be an amazing and fun experience watching him grow in his career.