Connie Talbot “The World’s Youngest Superstar”

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In 2007 a little six year old girl walked out on stage on the Britain’s Got Talent TV show in front of three judges that had the look of disgust from prior performers, and a full theater.  This beautiful little girl began to sing, “Over The Rainbow” and through out the theater not a sound was made, you could have heard a pin drop. By the time she had finished singing the judges were crying and  smiling from ear to ear, the audience went crazy. From this the youngest superstar was born, and her name is, Connie Talbot! Her first appearance on BGT won the hearts of the world, and to this day you can not watch that video back without Connie touching you. Connie has since become a household name. When ever you bring her name up anywhere to anyone they all know her and love her. This is a rare phenomenon to happen to someone so young, the last superstar this happened to was Michael Jackson with the Jackson Five. Connie is now in a league of her own, she grows bigger and stronger everyday. She still holds the power to touch your heart the same as her very first performance on BGT. Connie has a gift that she can sing any song, but when the song calls for being tender and with emotion, there is something inside her that when she sings it you can not turn away from her, she captures you and holds your heart in her hand. There is not another artist today that can do this. Connie is very special and the world sees it and hears it. This great gift that Connie posses keeps her traveling world wide, everyone wants to see and hear her sing. Now at eleven years old Connie is, “The World’s Youngest Superstar”.

That ninety seconds just a few short years ago changed everything for Connie. Connie says she remembers that time and it was really exciting and amazing to sing in front of so many people. Now she continues to perform in front of large crowds on a regular basis. She travels the world performing and spending time in recording studios in Britain and in California. She has even made her way to some of the biggest TV shows such as, The Ellen Show. She really enjoys going to other countries to perform, and see the different countries and meeting new people. She says she considers herself to be very lucky to be able to do so many wonderful things. In 2012 Connie performed Young Voices at the 02 Arena, in London with a 6000 child choir. Here she sang, “Run” and the beauty she gave to this song kept the audience captivated. When she finished the song, the roar from the crowd was defining. She also performed here in 2011. The world over the response is the same, it is indeed amazing. She has performed at some amazing places, but she would love to perform for the Queen or at The White House one day.

Connie has been doing a lot of recording, and some of this has taken place in California. She loves going there and always has a great time when visiting. In April she went to record her first pop single, “Sail Away”. She listened to many songs from different songwriters before deciding on “Sail Away“. This song was co-produced by Robbie Neville. He was responsible for many of the hits on High School Musical. Sail Away is a great up beat and fun song and you can bet it will be a hit the world over.  On one of her trips to California to record she met another rising star who was there from Australia, Jordan Jansen. They became good friends and did some duets and shot some videos which should be ready very soon.

Connie enjoys songwriting and has written several songs and co-written two  songs with Toby Gad. One of her favorites is her song, “Beautiful World“. Everyone should have this song in their collection, it is sung with the tenderness that only Connie can bring, it is such a joy to listen to. In the song it talks about the world being beautiful and magical, and Connie is adding to it all. She is truly magical and adding to the beauty of the world. In the song it also talks about the patterns in the sky and the miracle it is for us to share, and it is just that. It has always been said, that a child shall lead the way, in the song she says, “take my hand, and I’ll lead you it’s so wonderful, so magical” and Connie is making it more beautiful and magical day by day. She brings peace and happiness in all her music, and when you listen to songs like Beautiful World your problems melt away. It has taken a child to point out the simple things around us like shapes in the sky, and Connie is this child and she is truly magical!

Even with Connie’s rising fame she is still just a great down to earth little girl with all the same likes and interests as anyone her age. Even though she has many fans world wide, she does not look at them that way, for her they are all her friends. In the interview Connie was asked to give some fun facts for those friends, and here is what she said, Q: What is your favorite color?  : A: My favourite colour is a bit mad, but its turquoise… don’t know why.  Q: What is your favorite food? : A: Errrmm… that’s a hard one… probably chicken haa!   Q: Do you have a favorite animal? : A: I suppose it has to be my Minty Boy. I love him so much and couldn’t part with him!  Q: What show do you like best to watch? : A: Good Luck Charlie!!  Q:Who is your favorite actress or actor? : A: Demi Lovato… of course!  Q: What song has been your favorite? : A: SKYSCRAPER, I think because there’s a true story behind it and its a beautiful melody and a beautiful singer!  Q: What is your favorite candy? : A: Skittles  Q: What is something no one knows about you? : A: My dog can talk. Now this is truly a wonderful girl who’s magic seems to have also touched her dog, Minty Boy. She also wants to say to her old and new friends, “thank you so much”.

Right now Connie is the youngest superstar, and there are many young artists that hopes and dreams of being where she is. Connie says for those reaching to be where she is, to pursue your dreams, believe in yourself and always enjoy what you are doing at the moment. Connie is doing this exact same thing you can see it in all of her videos that she enjoys everything she is doing. Because she enjoys what she does, we can also enjoy the innocence, beauty and happiness that she gives. It is amazing at just eleven years old, that Connie is already a legion and icon, and in a few years she will rise beyond the greats like Elton John and Mariah Carie. It is the love that the world has for Connie that will make this happen. It does not matter what video you watch of Connie and what country she is performing, you can feel the peace and joy she brings. Thanks to Connie this has become a much more, Beautiful World!