Courtney Hadwin

courtney Hadwin at stars2come

Courtney is a wonderful new rising star in the UK. She has not been out singing for very long at all, but people are taking notice. Courtney carries a big powerful voice letting her take on artists like, Christina Aguilera. When singing her vocals are clean and clear making for more pleasurable listening by the audience. The quality in her presentation of a song is very good. With the quality that she has already, in a few short years she will be very hard to beat by anyone.

For someone who is just getting started, Courtney is doing very well. She is eleven years old. The first time she sang out in public was at the age of nine. When she was nine, she sang at a local talent show and came in third. Since the talent show Courtney hadn’t done much until this year when she competed in Teenstar.

It was the Red Dreams 1Voice competition in Hartlepool by a local charity that gave her the confidence to go on and perform at the Teenstar Area final. At the final she performed her version of, We Found Love and got her song played on Radio Hartlepool. Courtney says it was a massive accomplishment when she got through to the grand final.

Courtney has accomplished much more than just the Teenstar. She is currently working on her grade 4 musical theater exam; she got a distinction in grade 3. She also came out first  in the Red Dreams 1Voice under sixteen competition and first in the Hartlepool Carnival Talent show eleven to sixteen. She also entered Hartlepool Music and Arts Festival and got first place and two second places.

Whitney Houston, is Courtney’s favorite singer to cover because she has such a big vocal range and feels all the words in the song. That is what Courtney likes, is big songs and connecting with them when she sings. She says when it comes to it, she likes the feeling inside of being able to make people smile or feel the lyric of a song, or to just stop and listen. She says she feels like she can be anything she wants to be when singing. Courtney also says it is not the number of people, just if she can connect with only one, then it makes her feel good about herself. “I don’t sing because I’m happy, I’m happy because I sing” says Courtney.

Courtney’s goal is to be able to make a career from singing. It wouldn’t matter if it was being lucky enough to release albums and do tours or become a singing teacher and help others reach their goals. Right now she is looking forward to Open Mic UK and getting back in the studio and releasing her first original song.

It is the attitude that Courtney has toward music that will help her reach the goals she has set. Pop star is something that is reachable for Courtney, she has a strong start, and more and more people are learning who she is. Getting to the top is not easy, but she has the voice and the talent to get her there. Her voice is one that will reach people and touch them inside. It will be wonderful to watch her grow into a new star.