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Dalia is an amazing artist who brings great up-beat and high energy music for everyone to enjoy. Her voice is perfectly tuned for pop music and she uses it very well. She currently has two great original songs, “Suddenly” and “Wanna Be Me”; both of these songs will keep you bopp’n in your seat. “Wanna Be Me”, is about embracing who you are. No matter what anyone says, you should be who you want to be because there is only one you. Dailia says, “Just do what you love because you love it, not to impress other people”. If this song don’t keep you move’n, nothing will. “Suddenly”, is another outstanding song, it is basically about anyone that inspires you.  The song is saying thank you to the people who are there for you and inspire you, no matter if they are friends or family. She said it did end up turning into a bit of a love song though. These two songs are awesome, and everyone needs to have them in their collection.

Dalia had a cute beginning with her singing career starting around two years old. She would literally sing and dance everywhere she went. She would often be dancing down the aisles of the grocery store singing about cereal on the shelves putting on a show for everyone in the store. She has always had a passion for singing and dancing, and believes the love of it, is what inspired her to want to do it from now on. She would see some performers and think,  “I wanna be just like them, I wanna do that.” Now her dreams are coming true.

Dalia Rae at stars2comeShe has come a long way from dancing and singing in grocery stores, now she has taken to the stage. Dalia performs a lot at a venue called, Crocodile Rock. She says, she loves doing shows there because she gets to perform with a lot of cool bands and artists. However she loves to perform pretty much anywhere she can. Dalia just loves performing in front of an audience and seeing them having fun. Since her career has taken off she has had the privilege of performing with some pretty amazing people. Some of these people include,  Aaron Carter, Drake Bell, Dev, Outasight, Greg Raposo (from DREAM STREET), Booboo Stewart (from Twilight!) and many more. Drake Bell is one that really stands out because he has been one of her favorite actors/singers since she was seven years old. Dalia watched him on her favorite TV shows, Drake and Josh and the Amanda Show; it was so awesome for her to meet him, but to perform with him was more than awesome. She said, she will never forget when he said, he thought she did amazing with her show. Another show that stands out with her was with Aaron Carter and Greg Raposo. She played two shows with Aaron and she says he is one of the sweetest guys she has ever met. Aaron told her he was lying down backstage so that he could see her performance, this was because of the way the stage was set up. Greg Raposo was in one of her favorite boy bands when she was little called, Dream Street. They were backstage and Greg and Dalia sang one of the band’s old songs, “It Happens Everytime”. She said it was incredible.

Just like many of the pop stars, Dalia also dances in her performances. She has been dancing for fourteen years, and it has always come natural to her. During her singing performances she always dances and if there is enough room on the stage she has back-up dancers that join her as well.

While Dalia is a great artist and has performed with many famous people, she has also become a celebrity herself. She has created a name for herself because of all the major celebrities she has interviewed. There are a couple of people she interviewed that made a great impression on her, and one of them was Allstar Weekend. She loves Allstar Weekend’s music and to interview them was awesome for her. She said they were really nice guys. Another she liked really well was R5, this is a Disney band and interviewing them was really cool. Dalia said they were funny and she got to hang out with them before and after their concert.

Dalia also has her own radio show called, Dalia’s Digs. She was asked by the CEO and program director of the radio if she would like to come on and have her own show. They came up with the idea for her show; because they were doing rock music and they wanted her to come on to get some pop music. Dalia did just that, and now she plays some well-known artists like One Direction and Justin Bieber and also plays some music from unsigned artists as well to help them get some exposure. She will often have guest artists on for a live chat to talk about their music, shows or whatever happens to pop-up in the conversation.

Dalia is a very busy person from school work to practices, the radio and more, but it is this kind of hard work and dedication that makes a person successful at reaching their dreams. When she does have free time she is like any other teen, she enjoys hanging out with friends, going to the movies and of course shop. Mostly  Dalia is working towards her dreams and goals. She wants to make people happy with her music and show people to chase their dreams and not be afraid of who you are. She hopes to play arenas all over the world one day like Madison Square Garden. Dalia just likes to have fun and do what she loves, because she loves it. She is always herself never pretending to be something or someone she is not.

Dalia is an amazing person she does so much and not because someone else wants her to do it, but because she wants to. She has some outstanding music, and she is an awesome dancer and she is out making her mark. Dalia is not sitting back watching her dreams go by, she is working hard for them and seeing some of those come true. Don’t miss out on any of her amazing music and everything that is happening with her, so stop by her site regular and watch her dreams come true. Dalia Rae

Wanna Be Me