Dallas Arney

Dallas Arney at stars2come

 Dallas has an amazing country voice, this girl is country through and through. When Dallas performs everyone loves her, not only does she have great vocals, but she connects very well with the audience, and her stage presence is amazing. This is another Loretta Lynn. Dallas has that innocence in her voice and a wonderful high range to go with it, making for a real down home country sound. This is where her heart is.

 Dallas started singing about the age of thirteen. For some one that has not had any formal vocal training, she can really belt out the songs with amazing control. A friend of her`s from church Ronnie Clark helped Dallas with her CD, and he did give her some harmony training.  She is learning the fiddle, which will be a great fit for her.

 Dallas started her performing career at about the age of thirteen at family get togethers and open mic nights, from here it has been a great journey.  One great performance for her was when she opened for Gene Watson at the Colborne Auction Barn Jamboree, the fall of 2010. She truly loves to perform, she loves the feeling of performing in front of a lot of people. She says, it is an amazing feeling when people enjoy her show, and sometimes having the honor of a standing ovation.

Dallas Arney at stars2come Dallas has been making quite a name for herself. She has won first place in the Kingston Fall Fair in the adult division, also first place at Frontenac Old Time Music Championships in her age category and the adult division. She then came in second at the Cangig Country Music competition. Dallas is no stranger to TV either, she has been on her local TV CKWS in Kingston, and in Nashville on the Nashville Spotlight TV show. Here just recent she has appeared on TV in Branson Missouri and at the RFD TV Theater for the Shotgun Red Variety Show.

 There is no doubt that Dallas is a spectacular country artist. She gets some great inspiration from Dolly Parton, she is a huge fan of Dolly`s, you just can`t get much better for inspiration, and she hopes to oneday get to meet her.

 Dallas just loves everything about music, and that includes writing as well. She writes all her own music and lyrics, her dad helps her with the chords on the guitar. One thing she really loves is getting to travel around and performing in different places, and meeting new people. It is her goal to perform in the US more. Dallas`s destiny is Nashville, this is where she needs to be. If this pure country girl gets to hang out in Nashville for a while, she would have country producers begging for her to record for them.