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 One of the great performers that just got off the Country, Pop, Rock Tour is Dalton Cyr. All the performers put on an outstanding show and Dalton was right there rockin the house with them. He is one person that his videos do not do him justice, he is a person you need to see live! He has a lot of style, and showed it off very well on tour. Dalton’s show started off with an awesome entrance, coming out you could lonely see a shadow of him through the fog, then he emerges with guitar in hand jamming and the girls go, “wild”, you could barely hear the music over the roar. Dalton worked the stage like he had been doing this for years. He was from one end to the other jumping up on the monitors in the corners playing and singing, and all the girls reaching out to try and touch him every chance they had. It was evident that he was having the time of his life, and he was not selfish with this. Between songs he picked a girl out of the audience and brought her on stage and sang a song to her, this was the time of, “her” life, she was so excited and happy. Dalton truly won over the audience with this move. Dalton was a real pro and put on a very exciting show.  Dalton said the fans were incredible, and he does not even have the words to describe the feeling they gave him.  The tour was super exciting for him, and the other artist were cool and awesome being able to perform and hang out with them. He said they became like family. One of his favorite places to perform along the tour was the Winona Coliseum in Ms. He said this was one of the hugest places he had ever seen and the stage set-up was amazing and fun to perform on. While in Winona he met a gentlemen by the name of Sargent Robert Britt, he had started an organization called Sara Smiles in honor of his daughter. Sara was helping spread the word about anti-bullying and suicide prevention. He said the man was really nice and doing great things to help people, and Dalton really appreciates that and likes that in a person.

Dalton Cyr stars2come   Dalton has really come a long way from making his fist performance at the Clay Country fair in 2009. He got to perform at an Acoustic Concert when he was nine that he had watched his dad play at for a couple years. At this concert Dalton got his first standing ovation. He then moved to some more amazing things, one of which was his CD release party held August 2, 2012. This was very exciting for him. He had worked over a year to write, record and put his CD and show together. He said it was awesome to have such a huge turn out and so much support from his hometown. Dalton has also made his way to TV doing interviews about his music and has sang some of his originals live.

 Dalton has written many songs, and he has a great mind when it comes to lyrics. Like many great writers, he too takes things that happen in life and puts them to music. A couple of wonderful songs that he has written are, “Your Not Alone” and “Whisper”. Whisper is really an outstanding song, which he dedicated to the soldiers coming home. This is a very touching song, and you can bet this has touch many kids who have parents in the military. Dalton delivers this song with great feeling and care, showing the amazing artist that he is. This song was a combination of inspirations for him. His grandmother that he was very close to passed away and he was missing her. The military was very important to his grandmother and he also goes to school with a lot of people who have parents in the military and they talk about how much they miss them. It is this combination that brought about this song. When people talk about songs coming from the heart, this is Dalton “he” has heart!

 Dalton has a lot of great performances coming up that no one should miss. In Jacksonville he will be singing the National Anthem at an NFL Jaguars game. This coming spring he will be flying out to France and will be performing at Notre Dame Cathedral and Normandy. Dalton’s performances are a must see experience, he is tremendously talented and a great entertainer. You will never be bored at one of his shows. They are excellent!