Dalton Letorney

Dalton Letorney at stars2come

 Dalton, is another rising star coming out of Boston, he has a lot of class on stage. His likable personality comes out in his performance, and his fans love it. One other thing that stands out about Dalton, is he keeps a smile throughout his performance. When ever the performer looks like he is enjoying himself, then so will the audience.

 Dalton never knew he could sing until his mom heard him one day and told him, he had a nice voice. Dalton never could bring himself to sing in front of anyone, including his parents. One day, his music teacher suggested, that he sing in the school talent show performing a duet with his brother. At first he was only going to sing chorus, then his mom said, that he should alternate singing verses. The night of the show, they opened for about six hundred people, and after that he loved it, and wanted to continue doing performances.

 Dalton is also  excellent on the keyboard, and the crowd goes crazy over his playing. He started playing at seven years old. His grandmother heard about the, Suzuki method of teaching piano, and paid for his first semester at SSC, then she bought him a keyboard to practice on.


Dalton Letorney at stars2come

 Dalton got his first standing ovation at his 5th grade spring concert. He performed in front of about eight hundred people, singing back-up chorus. After the show, WHDH channel 7 news done a story on him, on that performance.

 Dalton won his first competition after his dad entered him in the Debra Crosby Talent Quest TV Show . This show is held at the, Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, here he won the “Top Entertainer” trophy. Then he went on to win, 1st prize at Braintree`s Got Talent, and Grand Prize at, Wachusetts Got Talent. He says, being on TV and newspapers has been awesome.

 Dalton outside of performing, is your basic everyday boy, playing baseball, swimming, and playing on the computer. He also does a pretty cool thing, and that is, he likes to volunteer his time every two weeks and perform at a senior home. He says, he loves putting a smile on their faces. Dalton says, that people should follow their dreams, and not to let anyone talk them out of it, and you have to put effort and time into it if you really want it. One thing that is for certain, is that Dalton`s attitude, and heart is definitely in the right place.