Daniela Fernandez


Daniela Fernandez at stars2come I am happy to present to you  Daniela Fernandez. What a fantastic voice this young lady has. When I find these young people like Daniela , that can handle Whitney Huston songs I really like to show them off. She has performed ” I will Always Love You ” so well and perfectly I had to bring her here. It`s just amazing the power and control she has and all this coming from a person that is only thirteen years old.

 Daniela lives in Canada where so many great young performers have been coming from lately and she is right in there with the best of them. I love listening , you can tell she is putting everything into her songs , not holding nothing back and they come out beautifully. She started out her singing  journey at age seven singing pop and then about eleven she began R&B . At about nine years she began voice lessons but , ” she says ”  they wasn`t much help because it was a group thing. Now she is with another that works one on one ” she says ” that they have helped her voice a lot.

 She then took piano lesson for about a year , she no loner goes for lessons , but continues to play and enjoys learning new songs. She has performed at church , charities and school events plus many more. Last year she came in second place in the junior division in the Northern Stars talent search. She loves to perform and doesn`t get nervous a bit , always excited in front of a crowd using her voice to make others happy. ( I know that others are excited to hear her voice as well ).

Daniela Fernandez at stars2come

 Daniela has several songs written but has not put none to video yet. She has finished one song on the piano and almost finished on the second. ( I am looking forward to hearing them ) . She also loves Lady GaGa ” she says ” she has mad piano skills , amazing singer , unique and writes her own songs. I think Daniela is well on her way of being just like her. The people that inspire her the most how ever is her family and her singing class , they inspire her to work harder to achieve her goals . She does like doing other things like acting, dancing and drawing , but it all comes back to singing and she is really great at it. She is so grateful for all the support that comes from her mom and dad for standing by her ever since she was little and her singing family and teachers for their endless support .

 When listening to Daniela it amazes me how she gets so much feeling  in to the songs and when going for those high notes , she has no problem at all , it is beatifully done. She has the vocals to sing anything she wants and that is going to put her way above a lot of others. With the range she has already , when she is a bit older , she will be sensational. I intend on following her all the way. Just beautiful !!