Darla Beaux

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 Everyone knows that Las Vegas is known for it’s gaming, shows, and great music, but the music there went from great to outstanding when Darla brought the house down at the Monte Carlo with her fabulous voice. She was performing for the Tunes for Tots, and when she stepped out on stage and started to sing, she got everyone’s attention. One of the songs she sang was “If I Ain’t Got You”, and  you could hear the whole place cheering, they loved it! Darla also sang, “La Vie en Rose” by Edith Piaf, and this really showed off the beauty and elegance in her voice, it was such a tender and heartfelt performance. She says a song can touch the heart and soul and she did touch many with her performances. Darla said that Tunes for Tots is a great organization and she hopes that her voice can help in some way, and you can bet it did. Performing in casinos is nothing new for Darla, she has been singing in casino showrooms since she was ten years old. This is where she began singing a lot of classic standards. She said once she even lost a tooth on stage during a performance. She has had a lot of great performances, but what she really likes is singing for special events and charities, and Tunes for Tots is a perfect organization.

  Darla has been around the Vegas strip singing, but she has been making her way around many other places as well. One of the more memorable performances she did, was when she performed at Key Arena in Seattle. She got to sing on X-Factor in front of  Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Nichole Scherzinger, and L.A. Reid. This past January she performed at Snoop Doggs “Big Dogg Bowl”, and when she started to sing the music went out, but she kept on singing “At Last” acapella and the crowd went crazy! This was one show she will never forget.

 She is a wonderful singer with a very powerful and controlled voice much like many of the artists she follows and covers. Darla is really into Jessie J., Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Amy Heidemann, all these performers have great voices and Darla is falling right in line with them. Like all great performers they love to make music, and so does Darla. She hopes to one day produce music and help other young people with their dreams. When it comes down to it Darla is just a teenage girl trying to share her voice with the world. She has a voice that the world will love, it is nothing, but beautiful!