Destiny Underwood

Destiny Underwood at stars2come

 Destiny is one girl that will brighten anyone’s day.  She is someone that is a joy to listen to, and she always has a big smile. That is a big thing for a performer, if the performer is happy, and having fun, then the audience will as well. Destiny is someone that will give you all she has when she sings, you can always count on 100% from her.

 This wonderful young lady began singing at age three, and just three years later, she performed at a local talent show and won. Destiny sang a song from Mariah Carey “We Belong Together”, and at the end of the song she slid across the stage on her knees. She said, “that is was so neat”. When it comes to performing she thinks big, and she is going to have fun. She didn`t stop here she performed at the school`s talent show last year, and won the people`s choice award. She has also enjoyed performing at the Apache Cafe for the Time 2 Shine Show.

 Destiny started taking her talent to the next level at nine years old when she began to write her own songs. She has written five songs so far one of which was her original Christmas song “What Christmas Is All About”. She takes her ideas from things in her life and how she feels at the moment. She is currently working on a new song, with all the backing music. This will be a studio recording, and will be her first doing a song like this. She hopes to do the recording in March or April. After it is recorded she plans to make a good quality video. (All these new things happening for her is sure to be very exciting). Destiny has been doing other exciting things, she was in a play of Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, here she played Grandpa Jo, she sang the song Cheer up Charlie. She is currently practicing for another musical, the School of Rock.

 Destiny is a person who loves music, and everything about it. She is not a person that is tring to be someone else, she likes to do things her way, be unique. She has a dream and she is not giving up for anything. She believes if someone has a dream they should chase after it, and if they believe in themselves and their dreams then the goal can be reached.