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Diamante is one fantastic vocalist, she has no problem with pop or country, and now that seems to go well with the industry. There are many who cross from pop to country and Diamante just might be the next one to do it. When she is performing on stage she really gets in to the song and gets things a rockin. One of the great things that stands out about her is the fact she actually will talk with the audience and get them involved with her show. That is the makings of a great entertainer.

People everywhere discover their singing talents in many different ways, but for Diamante it came to her one day in the shower. One day when she was five, she was belting out the song “Part Of Your World”. She was a big fan of Ariel. Once she came out of the shower her whole family was there, and wanting to know if that was really her singing. Diamante, does have great vocals, and she is primarily self taught. She does work with a great musician Jania Foxworth. They often do melodies together and work with her songs until they become who she is.

Diamante not only loves music, but theater as well. She has been in many productions. When she was ten she auditioned for “Sandy” in Grease for her school when she lived in Boston. She was amazed when she was awarded the role and had never had any kind of training. She went on You Tube and learned the songs on her own. On opening night she sang “Hopelessly Devoted To You”, this is when she knew that singing is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She has been in many other productions in Hollywood one of these “Aladdin” she played the part of the Genie. This was her favorite performance, and was fun and challenging.

DIAMANTE at stars2come Diamante has gone on performing as a solo artist. One of the performances that she really loved was in Palm Springs at the B.I.G. Expo. This was for the girl scouts regional convention. She said, it was amazing, there were a thousand  little girls screaming and jumping when she got on stage, then reaching out and trying to touch her. That day changed her life, she could not have asked for a better crowd. She realized that dreams do come true and all the hard work is worth every minute of it. This hard work has gained her two big tours coming this summer. She will be having her own Age Of Rebellion tour in Southern California, and will be on the East Coast On Bully tour coming up also.

Diamante is one great songwriter, and her new song coming out is also the name of her tour, Age Of Rebellion, so this should be exciting in deed. Age Of Rebellion is is a no bullying song. It is about her being one of the bullied kids and they march together to stand up and fight. It is a message of hope and reclaiming strength. Her song  “Just For One Day”, came from a camping trip she had in New Hampshire. During a thunderstorm, she and her friends left the cabins and started to dance in the rain. She wrote a whole page of notes and some verses, and showed it to her producer Brandon Jarrett of MOHO productions, and he really liked it. He soon put together a track, and with a little more work they had one amazing song.

She has had great support from her family on her journey, and she says, that she is so blessed to have them. Her biggest inspiration is life it`s self. She is just a fourteen year old kid living life to it`s fullest. Diamante enjoys going to public school she really cherishes it.  She hopes to be able to touch people with her music. She would love for people to break free, wake up and enjoy life especially the bullied kids.