diverse at stars2come

 If you like to rock these guys are who you want to see. Zach Vanmourik and Eddie Perry , are Diverse!   These guys will really rock your socks off. There is not any ,  just standing and singing they are moving all over the stage dancing and interacting with the audience. When they walk out on that stage they are there to have fun and that is exactly what they will do and you will have a blast with them.

 Eddie and Zach just started performing together in the past year ,  but have been friends for quite sometime. On stage rocking the house is not the only stage you can find these two ,  they are actors as well. Just so happens they have the same manager , prior to singing together they were often sent on the same acting jobs and auditions.  They have been in off Broadway shows , movies , TV shows and have been on ” One Life To Live ” this is a very popular soap opera and to appear on this show is quit an accomplishment. Now that they have paired up they have been rock`n the states from New Jersey to Florida to California and many in between. A few places where they have performed is  Six Flags Great Adventure , McGuire Air Force Base and Fort Dix Army Base where they opened for the Plain White T`s .


diverse at stars2come

 Zach and Eddie are not selfish with what they do , these guys get out and help out others with their music. They performed  Jam In The Park for the Boys and Girls Club of America , Relay For Life in Yonkers  , New York and at the Shriners Hospital for Children.

 This duo are great song writers as well , they have three out that they wrote ” Wont Stop ( Until Your Mine ) ” , ” When The Beat Drops ” and ” New Boy ” .  I asked these guys about what song was special for them and they said it was  ” New Boy ” . It came about through relationship problems and each one had a story , but couldn`t decide which to use so they combined the two and came up with this great song ” New Boy “. This shows how well they work as a team and when they come to perform that is what you are going to get ,  great team work with them and a fabulous show. These guys fit so well together and perform so well , that the girls better line up now , because soon , you will not get within a hundred feet of these guys. Zach And Eddie are getting ready to head to California on October 19 – 28 , they will be working on two more new songs and will be meeting with MTV officials to present some material and hoping things will start happening with that. I am sure MTV is going to love these guys they really rock!

 They currently have a CD available with four songs titled Diverse. Once they return from California they will be adding their two new songs to it as a bonus. I know for me I can`t wait till they get back and check out their new songs I am sure they will be amazing. After talking with these guys , I assure you , that if you go to one of their live shows you will have a blast. They are all about having fun and entertaining the audience. For me , I had a blast just talking with them , so I can imagine what their concert will be like , completely awesome!……