Drew Logan

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Drew is a fantastic new artist coming on the scene, when you listen to his music you can not help , but think of Rascal Flatts.  Everyone loves Rascal Flatts, and now everyone is going to love Drew. He is someone that puts a lot of heart and emotion in his music, and does it very effectively. For someone that is so amazing with country music it might be surprising to find that Drew’s favorite artist is Justin Bieber. He says, he likes the way Justin can get the emotion in his songs, and he feels he is much the same. Drew is certainly great with emotion!

Drew did not waste any time getting started on his music career, he took off at four years old and has not looked back. At four years old he was performing with a community choir and once he got into elementary school he tried out for the Show Choir, he made it and has been performing ever since. This year Drew got to entertain at the Jubilee Star Search. There were a lot of teens there his age and he really enjoyed watching them compete. He was also the headliner at the Calhoun County Fair. He really enjoyed singing in front of a big crowd and watching them dance to his music.

Just recently Drew filmed his first two videos, Cruise and I Won’t Let Go. These are great videos, and his recordings are fantastic. He said, he learned a lot from making the videos and was a great experience. It does not matter for Drew if he is in the studio or live he just loves to sing. Singing lets him be who he really is, and helps him to express himself. He hopes to be able to sing the rest of his life, and take care of his mom. With a voice like Drew,  he is sure to be around for a long time.

He has several great things coming up soon, one is he will be in the Grenada Christmas Parade, singing on one of the floats. The night after the parade he will be singing at a concert to help with food and toys for needy families. Also in April he will be touring with the Teen Nation Tour, and if anyway possible be sure to catch him on the tour.

Drew comes from a small town, but there is nothing small about the heart he has for music, it shows through in every performance. He wants to use this big heart he has for music, and try to help others through his music. Drew is doing just that, people really enjoy his music. Stay tuned in for Drew, he has a lot more great music coming up.