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In the UK there is a city called, Leeds and here you will find the greatest story teller of this generation. This new story teller is Dylan Brierley. Two of the greatest story tellers that ever lived is Bob Dylan and Tom T. Hall, while they both have much different styles in their songs they talked about things that was on their minds whether it was serious or for fun. Dylan is the very same; the songs he sings are not, “just” songs, he has something he wants to say and instead of just telling it, he puts it to music. While songs do carry a story, they do not always say what the artist truly feels about something, but the story tellers write their own songs and tell it just the way they see it. Dylan is the same, if he wants to say something he tells it in a song and tells it just the way he sees it. What Dylan does is, “art” and he is brilliant!

While Dylan is modest about the talent he has,  he is amazing with the guitar and the delivery of his songs. He has a way of holding your attention and wanting to hear the stories he is telling and he tells them all with the guitar, and it is perfection! The amazing thing is, he has not been at it for very long at all, he simply is naturally talented.  He first picked up the guitar at age eleven, and he says, he just kind of took to it. His mom helped arranging lessons for him at first, but it was really something he enjoyed and wanted to develop. He says the singing part just somehow followed.  He loves the acoustic guitar because it is the best medium for his songwriting. Dylan did play around with the electric guitar a bit at first, but as he got more interested in songwriting he realized a good acoustic is really all you need. He says an acoustic is all you need to perform as well to reach the audience, and a little help from a harmonica and a drum box.  At first he did a few covers and he still does, but he had stuff in his head that he wanted to express, and this led to his songwriting. He made his first public appearance at the age of twelve at a open mic night at a local folk club. He really enjoyed this and he has been doing two to three gigs a week ever since. Dylan says even now he gets a bit nervous sometimes going on stage, but once he starts to play, it is just a great place to be. He does continue to do open mic nights as well as other stuff around his home area. He said it would be hard to pick a favorite, but one would have to be when he played at the Barnsley Acoustic Roots Festival. This was in 2011 and he won the Rising Star Award. He said it was great playing on the same stage as Larkin Poe, Cara Dillon,  Sam Lakeman.

Dylan Brierley at stars2come Dylan does have a great mind for songwriting and is always getting ideas for songs, but not all of them make it. He has about 12 songs written now. He hopes to keep them coming and keep getting better at his craft. One of his great songs is called, “Friends” this was written about a family friend that had passed away, Darren. Dylan met him at one of his gigs in a bar called, Henry Boons, Darren bought him a coke and they became friends. Dylan was very shocked when Darren suddenly died, so he wrote a song to honor his memory.  All the songs he writes are special to him, but his most successful song is  called, “My Hero”. He wrote this song when he was twelve it is a song about his mom who is really his hero. His mom has supported him ever since he picked up the guitar and she spends her time running him to gigs, and this makes her his Hero. The twist about this song is that it was written in his room while he was grounded for some forgotten crime as away of getting around her and off the hook. He said, it worked.

Along with all the great songs that Dylan writes he puts together some amazing videos as well. In many of these videos you will find everything he is talking about in his songs in his videos as well his brother Ryan. Ryan is a really cool little guy and loves to be in Dylan’s videos and photo-shoots. Dylan says Ryan is very photogenic, and he is correct, Ryan certainly is. One of the videos Ryan was in alongside Dylan was a video made last Christmas, “Come Back To Me”. This song was actually written about their lost uncle, but he said a lot of people thought the storyline was about an abandoned lover and Ryan was his little waif son. Ryan does capture one’s attention in the videos, the camera just loves him. Maybe someday Dylan will honor Ryan with the starring role in one of his videos; Ryan will certainly win over the hearts of many. Dylan and Ryan are excellent in the videos and no one should miss seeing them.

For Dylan his goal right now is to graduate from school and keep making music. He would like to go on to a music college and maybe qualify as a music teacher, but his real goal is to keep pushing the music and see where it takes him. He said maybe he will not make it and end up being a plumber, but he will still be doing what he is doing now, writing songs, playing gigs, and busking in the street. Dylan says, he “is” here to stay. With all the talent that Dylan has he will never have to worry about going anywhere, he will be known worldwide and his music played everywhere. What a great artist he is. Stop by and see all his great works. Dylan Brierley