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Coming straight from Cincinnati is guitar packing Dylan Holland. This is one person that does not keep his head buried in the ground when it comes to his fans. Dylan always appreciates his fans. He never goes without saying thank you or love you to his fans, he is a true down to earth artist. This has played a part in him becoming  so popular , and second he is dynamite when it comes to his singing and guitar playing. He is so smooth when he plays guitar, he never misses a lick. When it comes to his vocals he has a great tone, and delivers a song very well. He is a person that can keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more. It shows that this is true considering, he only started sing barely a year ago. He has already gotten over 800,000 hits in this short time on YouTube and over 12,000 followers on twitter. This is truly remarkable, and proves what kind of artist he is and how genuine. Dylan is just himself, he does not pretend to be anyone , just check out his videos and you will see what a great guy he is.

Dylan may have only started sing about a year ago, but he has been playing the guitar for a long time, and it really shows.  He had always wanted to sing, but he says, he just was not very good. So he would come home from school and record himself singing, then play it back and listen to what he need to work on. He did this for months, and it has sure paid off. He has a great unique sound to his voice that makes the songs he sings, awesome!. His first public performance was in November 2010. He performed at a charity event at a local mall. From this one performance his fan base began to grow after some kids there heard him sing. He has since played several shows in Nashville at the Teen Hoot. The Teen Hoot has become his favorite place that he has performed. He says, it was just a great atmosphere, and got to play with so many other talented kids. The Teen Hoot was a contest and he ended up winning. What a fantastic start to a great career. Last month he did audition for Majors and Minors TV show, and made the TV auditions. So be sure to tune in to see and hear Dylan coming up this fall on Hub Network.

He is a real music man, when he sings there is nothing else around him that matters. It puts him in a position to where he is completely happy. It shows in all his videos how happy he is when performing, and you can bet his fans are happy as well. Music is his escape from the real world, and everything that is going on in it. He wants to try and make everyone happy, and make them feel like they were put on this earth for a reason. He would like for other kids that have dreams and aspirations to never give up. Dylan says, that just knowing that singing and playing his guitar could make a boy or girl`s day, is breath taking and is good enough for him.

There is one thing that you can say about his singing and guitar playing, and that is, excellent! He has written several songs and a couple are ready for release, so be sure to keep up with Dylan, and get his songs when they come out, they are sure to be awesome.