DZ “The Queen of Rock”

DZ at stars2come The one!  The only! DZ! This Canadian sensation will literally rock your socks off. DZ is going to marvel the music world, and when her music hits the air waves, she will become, The Queen of Rock. When it comes to music there is nothing this girl can`t do.  DZ knows exactly what she wants when it comes to music, and  she is going to make it happen.

 Dz, is about as real as you can get, as an artist, and her brilliance is second to none. DZ has been singing as far back as she can remember. Her vocal lessons comes from Carl Jennings, who is also her music producer. Currently she plays three instruments, she began guitar at age four, drums at six, and bass soon after, and she can jam with the best of them. From here her career has gone nowhere, but up. Like most, she performed some for her schools talent shows and playing a bit for her grade 1 class when she was six.  How ever,  her first real performances began when she was nine years old, as a guest drummer at Carl Jenning`s Freedom Train`s gigs. Freedom Train is a classic rock band that performs all over the Great Toronto area. Last year she played in Corktown, which is a bar in Hamilton. She said, she had a lot of fun. Music is a lot of fun for DZ, and she has had a lot of fun playing at Vicar`s Vice (Stoney Creek), but her best times has been when she plays with Freedom Train. When she performs with Freedom Train she gets to rotate instruments and loves to see the people`s reaction.

DZ at stars2come

 Her true brilliance began when she started writing at age nine. The first song she wrote was just the melody for a school talent show, after this her songs got more and more complex. One of the songs she wrote was inspired from her best friend`s parents divorce, not only was it a shock, but she kept thinking of the relationship and how something so strong can go from great to numb and just be over. This is where she gets her ideas from, real things that happen in her life and from things she see`s. “Really High Hopes” is one of her amazing songs she wrote, this song was written when she was nine years old. She had just watched Al Gore`s documentary, this gave her the idea to write a song about Hope. she says, it could be hope for anything and anyone really, just a good vibe song. DZ`s talent at song writing is already being recognized. DZ is the winner of the UK Songwriting Contest 2010 with the song “Good Things”. She was not expecting to win. She says, there was so many talented people competing, but it was an amazing experience, and was so cool to be in-touch with Richard Niles. Dz meet some great musicians through the contest and are currently working together on a couple of projects.

 Dz has just releast her first EP over the summer, it is avalible on iTunes. This EP is by her own label, yes DZ has her own label. She created the label Hot Pepper Records. She done this in order to keep her music real and not have anyone to tell her what  to write or sing. She wants to be herself and do her thing. As brilliant as her music comes out, it is unlikely that anyone would want to change her, if they did, they would be out of their minds. DZ does do her own thing, from the lyrics, to the music, and all the instruments you hear, is all her!

 Even with her love of music, she is still a kid, and loves to do all the normal kid stuff, like skateboarding and video games, she is the same as anyone else her age. She might enjoy all the normal kid things, but she is not the same. You are not going to find many kids at twelve years old making brilliant music like her. Her music will stick in your head, and very addicting.  There are two main ingredients to being a successful artist one is writing a song, that once it is over people remember who you are, and second they can not stop listening to the song, and that is what DZ has, the songs are so addicting you just play them over and over never wanting them to end.You can keep up with DZ at, DZRocks and her YouTube