Easton Hamlin

Easton Hamlin at stars2come

Easton is coming straight to you from Nashville, and he is pure country. The music he plays will put a smile on anyone`s face. Easton has a lot of energy in his performances, and there is nothing boring about him at all. He makes great contact with the audience, not one bit afraid to talk with them and make them a part of the show and have a great time.

Like many people Easton started singing at an early age. He would often ride with his dad on the tractor and sing along to the radio. There is a bit of a twist to this story. When he was young he also suffered from a childhood illness, and couldn`t get out and play like other kids, so he would sit around the house listening to music and singing. Having a illness is bad, but because of it we just might have another superstar on our hands. He is now on his way there, and his great journey began at four years old. He wanted real bad to be in a contest in Oklahoma City, his parents took him, and this opened a lot of doors. Easton met his vocal instructor there, Rachel Rains. He has been taken lessons from her over the phone for ten years. He said, she teaches him a technique called speech level singing, and this has made his job easier.

He picked up the guitar when he was eleven, after opening a show for Luke Bryan. Luke was performing at a fair in Amarillo Texas, and Luke politely called Easton the  Karaoke Kid, from this he decided he had better turn into Slash!

Easton Hamlin at stars2come Luke is not the only big name he has opened for, there has been many, such as Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Lawrence, and Blake Shelton just to name a few. He has also been featured on a few TV shows as well, like the Today Show and Extra. Easton has come a long way with some great opportunities and exposure. Things like what has been happening with him is going to take his career to the top. He really enjoyed opening for Joe Diffee in Kansas, it was near a military base, and got to meet a lot of wives of men overseas, that are keeping us safe. He got his first limo ride when he went to a taping for a show on NBC. This happened to be close to Jay Leno`s studio and was able to see all his cars everyday. This was all very exciting for him.

One of the biggest things about becoming a star or not is a persons songwriting ability, and Easton has written some amazing songs. He started writing songs at the same time he started playing to guitar. His first song was “Little Red Pen”, and he has not stopped with more songs than you can count.  He is also working with Brian White a songwriter and producer there in Nashville. Where he grew up in the country he always has ideas for his songs coming straight from life. He already has some singles out not for sale, but his first CD will be out soon.

Easton really loves to perform, and it shows very clearly. He always has something going on, either down town Nashville in a writers round or on a big stage in front of thousands of people, but no-matter where it is he loves it. He plans to work really hard to be able to make music for the rest of his life. With so much going on, you would think there was no time for anything else, but he is just a regular kid. He enjoys a good book about WWII, loves baseball, and everyone`s favorite chicken fried steak. He appreciates anyone who takes time to listen to music, and not just his, but any. He says, music is what makes the world go around. He is so right.