Elaini Arthur “True Country”

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If you like country music, then you will love Elaini, and if you don’t like country, you will once you hear her sing. Elaini is “true” country,  there has been no one like her since the days of Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. New Country has taken over, and there are many great artists, but Elaini is what country is really all about. Elaini is someone that can give you chills when listening to her music, and no one today in country music can do that the way she can. Her voice has a wonderful elegance to it that can bring joy to your heart, or a tear to your eye, either way she will touch you with her music in a way that you will never forget.

Elaini was five years old when she heard a Patsy Cline song and started the whole thing off. Soon after she started singing she was out performing in school talent shows, CrazyFest, and nursing homes. Also her friend and fellow entertainer Dennie Huber got her involved with singing for the Make A Wish Truck Convoy and Grocery Day for Cancer. This was held at a local grocery store and her first year singing with them, she sang  in the milk department. Now she has moved on from the milk department and singing everywhere. She really loves the Lebanon Grand Opry House in Ohio, she likes the classic country atmosphere and the kindness of everyone involved. Not only does she love to perform there, but also sit in the audience and watch and listen to Jessie Lyn and the TNT band and all the performers. Elaini is also part of the events at Jim McCoy’s Troubadour in Berkley Springs, West Virginia, especially the Patsy Cline events. More recently she performed on the Shotgun Red Variety Show the taping was done in January on the General Jackson Showboat. Elaini has done many performances, but there is one that she continues being part of and that is the Make A Wish Convoy. She has been performing for them going on twelve years now, and loves helping the kids.

Elaini is one to give back, not only with helping the kids through Make A Wish, but from being part of CrazyFest. CrazyFest is a contest that she  participated in when she was younger. This contest has been a annual event in her hometown for over twenty years. She is no longer a contestant, but is now a judge. She loves doing this because it encourages kids to follow their dreams and gives them a chance to perform. All the judges at this event are past performers who comes back for support and offer encouragement just like they received when they were contestants.

Of coarse her biggest influence with music came from Patsy Cline, it only took one song and was drawn to country music. Elaini likes how Patsy had so much emotion in her voice when she sings, that her songs just capture your heart. It is clear that Patsy rubbed off on Elaini, for she too has the emotion in her voice, and captures your heart with her songs. Patsy is a legacy and has inspired many people, and we can thank her for bringing us another soon to be legion, Elaini!

Elaini is a wonderful vocalist, but she is also a great songwriter. She wrote her first song when she was five and over time the number has become countless. She loves to co-write, she says, she learns a lot about songwriting that way. With two people writing a song the possibilities are endless. One of the songs she wrote that holds a special place in her heart is, “Praying On A Star”. She wrote this when she was six years old for a friend of her’s named, Roberta who had cancer. She said, Roberta’s family framed it and placed it on a table at her funeral. Roberta happened to be one of the first people to encourage Elaini about her singing. Elaini is sincere about her music, and she hopes that the music she writes and the songs she sings will reach people and touch them in some way. She says, she would like everyone to know that she is very thankful and feels blessed everyday for the friendships that she has made throughout the years. She has learned so much from so many people and it means so much to her.

She is a wonderfully talented young lady that does touch people with her music just like many of the greats before her. One of these songs that will capture you is her original song, “Leavin Me Again”. This was sung beautifully with a lot of tenderness in her delivery that touches you in the heart. It is easy to imagine seeing  Elaini on TV on a stage with a long sparkling gown singing these heartfelt songs with not even a whisper from the audience while she sings, hanging on to every word. Elaini is a person who has truly been given a gift, and we can all be grateful that she found this gift, and chose to share it with all of us. Once Elaini is signed one day she will join the few who’s music never dies, but lives forever.