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Elena is an artist in every sense of the word. Her artistry extends far beyond just music. She is a skilled actress and highly trained in the martial arts style Aikido. These talents allow her to bring to life any story she wishes to tell. Elena has brought many stories to life through music from classical to fantasy. She has portrayed many characters in her videos showing her grace and imagination. Because of her creativity and uniqueness she has amazed many people world-wide and has become a legend. All anyone needs to do is view some of her videos to see how and why Elena has gained so much popularity. She is someone who you can never predict, it is always a mystery as to what is coming next.

Elena has always listened to classical and opera all her life. She went to watch her first opera “Madame Butterfly” when she was three years old. Even though she loved classical music her voice wasn’t trained for it, so she started with Broadway pieces from Les Miserable. Elena also experimented with country and pop till she found a ex-opera singer who became her teacher and had her singing as a soprano quicker than she expected.  Now Elena focuses entirely on classical singing and she does it like no one else. The voice she has for classical music is pure beauty and Elena has the great skill to bring out the emotion and excitement in these classical songs. There are many artists that she admires as a soprano, but her all time favorite is Maria Callas. Elena has been listening to her CD’s for years; Elena loves her voice and beauty. There are other sopranos that she admires as well, Anna Netrebko, Renee Fleming and  Mirusia Louwerse. Elena loves Anna’s energy on stage and Mirusia was the youngest ever winner of the Dame Joan Sutherland Opera Award.

Elena House at stars2come

“The Hobbit” is a great example of how Elena mixes great imagination with classical singing to help bring wonder and beauty to her performances. In the video “The Hobbit”, Elena puts on an excellent performance of, “Misty Mountain Cold”. To bring such great works to life and for all to enjoy, takes a great deal of work, and dedication, but for her it is also a lot of fun. To make this video she had to collect various wardrobe pieces from friends of her’s that are into things like, Dragon Con. After collecting them she mixed and matched them until she got a cool look that you see in the video. After getting her wardrobe picked out Elena and her film crew booked a hotel near Rock City, Tennessee where they have a lot of caves at the top of a mountain with a huge waterfall. In the video you see her in and out of caves and crossing swinging bridges, and even fighting a dragon. In the video it appears that she is alone, but often there were twenty or more people around watching the filming. She tells the story both visually and vocally giving those who watch a sense of wonder and excitement. It is the videos like this that has made her the legend she is. Elena can be found dressed as elegant as a princess to an elf, all to bring the story to life and to show there is much more to her than just a great voice. It is because of the many wonderful videos that she has made over the past couple of years that has allowed many to see and hear the transformation she has made in music, and it has been phenomenal.

Elena House  at stars2come

The skill and grace she has for classical music shows greatly and this has taken her far beyond just videos. This past year she was contacted by Thomas Schauffert from Switzerland, he wanted to talk with her about singing in his concert which was this past December. After arrangements were made he sent the music to her to add her singing parts. When the time came Thomas and Heinz flew Elena and her parents to Switzerland about a week ahead of the concert so she could a few days of live rehearsals  with the International Orchestra. Elena said it was a lot of fun learning about many instruments from around the world. The concert was held in Basal, Switzerland on December 22nd in the Basal Scala which seats about 400. She says they also had a lighting company come out and set up a beautiful light show around the stage and some in the audience. The concert went great and almost filled all the seats. During one of the performances Elena was able to show off some of her martial arts skills. Thomas had an idea for one of the numbers he was doing called, “Experience no. II” to have a skit in it to fend off an attacker. Thomas got her dad involved and he choreographed the scene where he comes on stage and attacks her while she is meditating. Throughout the song she diffuses the attacker’s negative energy by throwing him around instead of punching and kicking him. By the end she had turned him into having positive energy. She said the audience loved it and even heard some gasps and words of encouragement from the audience. After the concert was finished Elena and her family did have time for a little fun before heading back. Thomas took them out to the Swiss Alps and after they had a steep train ride up they spent hours sledding back down to the bottom.

Elena has indeed managed to capture the world’s attention with all her great works of art. She has always been one of those people who you just can’t wait to see what coming next from them.  Make sure to keep an eye out for some great videos from the concert in Switzerland and it is certain that there will be many more exciting creations coming from Elena very soon. There is a lot of great singers and actresses around the world, but there is only “one” Elena House and she is truly amazing.