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Elissia is a very charming young artist who is getting a great start on her journey. She is doing very well vocally, with a very nice tone. This beautiful little Canadian is someone you don’t want to miss out on her, she is very entertaining.

Elissia started out singing at age three, but she really didn’t get start performing until age nine. She performs at Italian Festivals, and many other events. She was also a special guest at a red carpet event at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards with Tyna Q. Tyna is a big inspiration to Elissia making it a special event for her. She also had a lot of fun performing at the Corso Italia event.

She is getting around very well with her music, even taking it to TV. She got to perform on a TV show called, Next Star, for Leafstv. For Elissia it just makes her happy to perform no matter where it is. She says, it is a great feeling seeing people smile when she performs. She would like to become a professional recording artist and tour the world promoting her music. Elissia has started writing her own songs, and this is one more step for her to become a recording artist. She has only one song written so far, but this one song is very special to her.

Everything she does with music singing or writing it all comes from the heart. Elissia takes her music seriously, and hopes when she becomes a recording artist that anyone at any age can relate to her music. She says, if you dream it and put your mind to it, anything is possible. She is so right the first step at being successful at anything you must believe in yourself, and do the work, then dreams really can come true.