Elizabeth Elias

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 Elizabeth has been one very busy young lady. She has been taking her talents from one end of the country to the other, acting and singing all the way. Elizabeth has always prided herself for doing many charity events, and she continues to do all she can to help others. With Elizabeth being so active in her community she had the honor of being invited to be a part of Voices Against Cancer. She said, this was an amazing event and it raised a lot of money for the cause. While participating at this event she had the privilege to meet some other amazing people that were there to give their part to this wonderful charity.   These great people were, The Beach Boys, John Stamos, Gloria Gaynor, and The Osmond Brothers.

 Elizabeth is doing a lot of amazing things in Miami, but she has also done some exciting things in NY as well. She had auditioned for a commercial for the Olive Garden, for Spanish TV. This was a nationwide casting call, she went to the casting and after being called back for the second time, she was booked for the role. They flew her and her mom to NY for the shooting, and while there they had a lot of fun being with friends, and shopping. In Miami she had another great experience with acting, by becoming part of Camp Rock. She said, the cast was incredible to work with, and put on many shows.

She had the honor to be invited back to perform for the Joe Dimaggio Children’s Miracle League, for the third year in a row. Elizabeth loves to bring smiles to the kids with special needs. She currently has three songs on itunes and Amazon, Skyscraper, Rascacielo, and Skyscraper the Spanish version, and all proceeds will be going to the Miracle Network. She has also recorded a new song that will be the Anthem for the Lupus Foundation of America/South East Florida chapter, and all proceeds from the sale of this new song will go to this wonderful foundation.

Elizabeth is a person that just keeps growing better and better, in music. She has a big heart that was made for giving, and she is always ready to do her part. Always keep your eye on Elizabeth, there is something new going on continuously with her. One other great thing to watch for is, she is working on some original songs, and you can bet they will be amazing.