Ellie Occleston

Ellie Occleston





Introducing Ellie Occleston who is originally from Liverpool, but is currently living in Madrid Spain and she is spreading beauty throughout the region. Ellie is a beautiful young lady, but she also carries a beautiful voice as well. She loves to sing classical music and pop, and no matter what it is, it is heaven.

Ellie first started singing when she was eight years old at her school in the UK. Ellie had never sung in public before when her school started auditioning people for a concert, so she thought it would be fun to try it. She said she was really surprised that people thought she sang well. This was the beginning of her musical journey.

Ellie has been out performing a lot since her beginning and since she moved to Spain her performances has included singing classical music at the Spanish National Opera House in Madrid. However more recently she appeared on the Spanish version of, The Voice for Kids. She sang pop for this. Ellie says both performances were scary, but to be able to sing in such amazing places, to be watched and applauded by large audiences, was incredible.

Ellie says what is really weird about it all is that she is normally a shy person when she meets new people, but is very happy to sing and perform in front of a large audience. It is like she is a completely different person. Singing just makes her feel happy, and when she looks out in the audience even if it is just her friends and they are smiling and enjoying her music and how it is effecting them, it makes her truly happy. She says at the end of a performance and she hears the applause, she just smiles till her face aches. When she goes to perform, she can deliver a wide range of songs to the listeners from classical/opera to pop. Her current favorite artists to cover when she performs are, One Republic, Bastille, Birdy, and Corinne Bailey Rae.

Her over all goal is to become a professional musician.  Ellie’s only draw back is that she has not decided which genre to pursue. She says she is just fourteen and figures she still has a bit of time. She is also learning the piano and guitar which helps her with her singing and songwriting. “My goal is to just get better at them so my pet dog doesn’t go and hide because of the noise” says Ellie.

Ellie has started writing songs, which she says is not as easy as it seems. So far she has written four songs, but has many ideas for lyrics, and melodies which she will continue to develop. She always carries a notebook with her to write the ideas down as she gets them. She says a lot of times ideas will pop up when you least expect it. She says it is a really strange feeling as lyrics usually pop in her head and then begin to think about the melody. Ellie feels that all songs you write are special to the writer, because they all usually come from life experiences.

Ellie has also made her way to TV as well. She has been on twice so far, and both were since she has lived in Madrid. The first time was when she was singing classical music and the Spanish Opera House in front of about 1000 people, and also when she made it past thousands of contestants to get to the TV part of The Voice For Kids. Ellie did make it to the blind auditions, but unfortunately she did not get past, but she said it was amazingly fun, but scary.

Ellie is truly an amazing new artist and it does not matter what the genre of song, she can bring it! Because of her classical side, Ellie can deliver pop songs brilliantly. Classical singers are far more controlled and clear, and what they can do with songs outside of classical is amazing, and Ellie is more proof of that.   She says she aims to mature into being a strong and well-rounded artist by continuing to develop her singing abilities. Her singing abilities are certainly growing very well and people around the world are going to love her music. Don’t miss any of her music, stop by and listen often on her music channel.