Emi McDade

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England has been the birth place of many artists.  Some of these have gone on to become legends. Stars2come would like to introduce, Emi McDade.  Emi is an artist who lives in England and is on the road to becoming a legend herself. Someone who has so much emotion in their song delivery to give another person chills, has a deep-rooted and special gift. Her emotion along with the elegance she posses in her voice is the perfect combination to be England’s new superstar and then legend.

Every artist who has been on the journey to stardom, has had a beginning. For Emi it began with a choir. Around thirteen years of age she became part of a group called, Rock Choir. This group mainly consisted of old classic songs, fluorescent t-shirts and cheesy dance moves, but she loved it. The group gave her opportunities to sing solos, and despite the nerves she had, they kept encouraging Emi. The group helped to build her confidence and Emi grew to love performing.

Emi is out doing her own thing now. Here recently she was able to support JP Cooper at Gloucester Guildhall. JP has been a musical inspiration to Emi, so being there to see him and support him was magical. Emi also performed at Downend Folk Club. She loves this place simply for their undying love for music. Emi says Downend has a real passion for music and that is a wonderful thing to be apart of.

The most amazing feeling says Emi, is when people enjoy your music and performance. She performs original songs as well as covers. With covers she doesn’t really have a favorite artist to cover, she likes choosing songs that she can put her own spin to it. Emi likes being able to change-up the songs, maybe add a different rhythm. The artistry she holds is showing its self and great things are being created. Music means so much to Emi and she hopes to sing from now on. “Music is such a powerful thing, it can heal, give you drive to carry on, it can give you courage” says Emi. She feels if she can be that song for just one person, then her mission has been accomplished.


Emi has written about sixty songs, many of which will never be heard. The songs that she has brought to light are simply amazing. Her song “Faith” is one of these songs, it is one she feels closest to. The emotion and passion in this song is brilliant!  Emi showed her true artistry. “It’s the first song that I’ve felt really represents me as an artist” says Emi. Her creativity and imagination has a life of its own. Ideas for her songs can come from a phrase in a conversation, or maybe even playing a wrong chord that creates scrummy  progression or maybe a funky rhythm. Emi has even started writing a song to the rhythm of her mom’s indicator in her car.

No matter what, for Emi it is all about the music and it shows in every project. It would be a tough task to find someone on the radio today that can deliver a song any better. There are many great artists traveling, sharing their passion with the world and it is Emi’s turn to do so. The heart she has for music is what legends are made of and will take her to each end of the earth. Don’t miss a thing from Emi. Watch and enjoy her rise to stardom.