Emily and Jordan : an Awesome Duet


     Here we have two great artists and friends coming together , Emily Harder and Jordan Jansen.  The two living half way around the world from each other,  managed to pull off a fantastic new video. ” Baby / Maybe ”  ( above is their awesome duet ).  Their two voices fit together very well . When I asked them about the video “they said” they had planed the video and did it with in the week. Emily had a guitar track recorded and sent it to Jordan,  he done his part then sent it back for  Emily to do hers. Jordan`s part was exactly the same as Justin Bieber song  Baby  . Emily had re-wrote the lyrics and called it Maybe . The two put it together flawlessly.  Not supriseing  when you have two professionals as these. These two are fantastic on their own but as a team,  they are completly  awesome!

   Both Jordan and Emily work very hard on their careers,  always working on new songs and performing everywhere they can.  Jordan has performed in competitions, one of which here recent placed first in the Sound Check competition , has had his own show ,  has performed at various charity events and TV .  Emily has done alot of the same and now is very excited over her up coming event Inspire a Little Love which is a charity event run by “Inspire Magazine” who has teamed up with To Write Love On Her Arms . Both of these fine people show time and again how unselfish they are , taking time to do so many charity events.( Bravo guys )  Emily and Jordan are excellent performers,  I always enjoy listening and watching their videos .  They never fail to please their audience .  They have such great personalities that it can`t help but find it`s way into their videos and I believe that with all the hard work they put into it,_  will lead to great success for them both.  It is always a pleasure hearing from Emily and Jordan if it`s information to write or just to talk I always enjoy it. If anyone has not taken time to say hi to them please do . They are awesome people. I have put together more videos below for your enjoyment.