Emily Brooke ” The next CMA Award winner “

emily brooke at stars2come

 Being a major country music fan , I love when I find such great country artists as Emily. I like that down home feeling you get from listening to her. Not everyone can sing country you need the right sound in your voice to make it work and Emily has that sound. There is no denying that ,  this is the true road for her. Emily`s guitar playing is very good it has a nice clean and smooth sound , like she has been playing for years. She had about a year of lessons , but she  decided that she could look up the songs she wanted and teach herself. ( that is great self motivation ) Most people who are self taught tend to fair better than others they are more likely to create their own style and I believe that is what has happened with Emily,  at eleven years old and already got her own style.

 Emily has a great ear for music ,  her parents first noticed her when she would sing in the back seat of their car she was three at the time. She knew all the words and sounded quite good. It was not long before they realized that she was able to pick up the lyrics very quickly. Not until recent did she begin taking voice lessons with Jeanette Hopkins of Miami. Last year she began songwriting after a trip to Nashville. Emily after returning home from Nashville she called her mom at work asking to move to Nashville,  that she loved it there , music everywhere , she said. Her mom told her if you want to move there , then you need to learn to write songs as well. Emily did just that , by the time her mom got home from work she had one written ” Wild and Free ” her vocal coach helped her format it and then put it to music and I am here to say it is a great song.

emily brooke at stars2come

 Here recently she wrote another song called ” Hello ” this came from a boy that she had a crush on. She ask Melody Stuart of Boomer’s music to help her put it together and now she has another great original. Emily has many songs written now , but is waiting to find someone to help her put them together.

 Emily has been in a few competitions , she won 2009 Wellington’s Got Talent,  2010 Starz of the future kids vocal winner and   local winner 2009,2010 of Colgate Country Showdown. Last year she made it to the state finals , but didn`t win. This year she will be competing in the state finals again , but will have a better chance this time , she will have original music with her and they give extra points for that. How ever Emily`s favorite performance was when she got to play for Taylor Swift`s mother. She said , that Taylor`s mom was very nice . Emily was not up to par , she was a bit sick after performing all night in the street , but everyone loved her and even Taylor`s mom.  Emily really likes Taylor she says , she is an amazing writer and more important that Taylor is a very good girl. She also likes how Taylor dresses nice not trashy and that she carries herself  like a lady and that is what she likes most.

 Emily admires her mom and dad most , she wrote that on a school paper , that her parents were awesome and very supportive of her. Her mom says,  that Emily is the sweetest kid and so appreciative of what they do for her. The reason she has been so successful , her mom thinks is ,  because when you meet her you really see her personality, her sweetness you can just tell how special she is. I feel that Emily is going to have a great future , you can really see the love in this family and when a family cares as much for each other the way the Brooke`s do , there is nothing that you can`t accomplish. I believe that with so much going for her that she will be walikng up and getting that CMA Award that she so deserves….