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Emily is a wonderful person with a heart of gold and a voice to match. She is extremely talented with music. She has written and composed many songs, and all created from her heart, some of these for voice and others instrumentals. By the time she was nine years old she had completed her first opus. The world now has a new musical genius rising up before us, and it is ten year old Emily DeLia.

Emily was literally born to sing. When she was still a baby, her mom would take her to church, and when the choir would sing, Emily would cry, and when they stopped so did Emily. The amazing thing about this was that when she cried, she was in key with the choir. When she was one year old she was singing the Twelve Days of Christmas, and by the time she was three, she was driving her mom crazy begging to join the choir. Emily is now studying music at the Westminster Conservatory.

Emily has taken off with music at a very young age, and with extraordinary talent that most can only dream of having. When she was four years old her mom found out about the  Community Christian Children’s Choir, but they only allowed five year olds in. After they heard Emily sing they let her in right away. She sang at a church concert that first Christmas. After she turned six, she became a soloist for the choir`s spring concert tour. She sang at a couple of churches, including her own, and the Millstone Performing Arts Center that season.

Emily DeLia at stars2come  Emily loves to sing at the VOICES Chorale Young Composers Concerts, because here she gets to perform her originals with the choir. She says, they sound like a heavenly choir of a million angels. Emily really enjoys musical theater as well. Last summer she played Molly in Annie, and she got to sing the opening lines of “Maybe”, which is suppose to be Annie`s big solo. This past spring she performed in a musical called “Honk”, which is the story of the Ugly Duckling”. Emily had a blast doing this. In the show she got to be a frog, a goose, and a snowflake, and was the soloist for the blizzard scene. She was very happy to get to do the solo, because the song was very beautiful, and was for a important scene as the Ugly Duckling changes to a beautiful swan. On the 4TH of July she got to perform at a theater that she has been going to for a long time. This was the Open Air Theater at Washington`s Crossing State Park, she sang “Mary is a Grand Old Name”, as a part of the George M. Cohen tribute for a show called “Stars and Strips”. She was very excited to finally get to perform at her favorite theater. She says, that the people there are always nice and makes it so much fun.

Emily with her great talents has not gone unnoticed. She has won many awards for her music. When she was six, she won her very first Silver award in the VOICES Chorale Young Composers Contest. Since then she has won 3 Gold Awards for that contest. She has taken first place in her diocese`s Respect Life Video contest because she wrote and performed a song called “I Love Life”, that was based on Pope John Paul`s “Prayer For Life”.  In 2010 she won an award from the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music, for Excellence in Music Theory. She got 100% on her exam and when she was done, there was enough time left, that she composed a short piano piece on a scrap of staff paper that was provided.

She gets a lot of her inspiration from, Celtic Women, especially Chloe Agnew who sings in Celtic Women. Her favorite of the famous composers are Mozart and Burgmuller. When Emily was asked what she liked most about singing. She said, “Singing”!!! As it turns out there are three things she likes about it, first is the song that she is singing, second singing for the audience, and third listening to her voice and the voices of the people singing with her. She loves to sing with other people, especially the harmonies. Even when she is not singing she still stays close to music in her down time. She loves to play the piano, flute, harp, composing, dance, theater, art, writing stories, and poems. Emily is a very busy little girl. She hopes to be a recording artist some day, and change the world with her music.

Emily DeLia at stars2comeMusic is rooted deep in Emily`s sole, and the songs she has written are not only amazing, but incredible due to her age and when she began. The amount of songs she has written is uncountable, she says. She was very young when she started writing. At three she tried writing and opera. She almost always has a song in her head. Some of the more special, and meaningful of the songs she has written has been, “Birds of Our Hearts”, “Flower Flower”, and “You Are My Bird”, which she wrote for her pet parakeet Minty while he was still alive. Then came “The Man in Yellow-Green” after he died. She wrote a song for her dad called “Number One”, and “Touch The Sky” for the people of Japan.  Emily mostly writes for the people she loves, but sometimes she will hear about something and that will make her want to write. Other times she will be just messing around on the piano and hear something that sounds cool, or just simply make up songs.

 Emily is an excellent songwriter/singer who wants to do good and add beauty to the world. Emily is doing just that with the beautiful music she is bringing to the world. Emily is not just making music or writing music, Emily is music! Emily is someone the people of the world can look up to and draw inspiration from. Everything she does, she does while battling a dangerous food disorder, but this does not stop her from doing what she loves. Sometimes people when things are not going well in life, often become down on themselves, and even give up. Emily does neither, she continues on with her music and bringing happiness to many people with her creations. A person only needs to look at Emily to see what she is accomplishing, and not allowing these dangerous allergies from  living her life to the fullest. She is a great inspiration, and life is not always fair, but we do not need  to give up on things we love. We can follow in Emily`s footsteps and continue to strive for our dreams, just like Emily. Emily is music, beauty, and a gift to us all.