Emily Faith

Emily Faith at stars2come

Emily Faith may be a small little eight year old, but there is nothing small about her voice. This little girl has the power to push a song to the sky, with an amazing amount of control. Little ladies like her just don`t come around everyday. Emily`s wonderful voice and talent has gained her many awards, and very much deserving. She is a real treat to see her perform in person, she has great expression when she sings, along with a little dancing, makes for some awesome entertainment.

Emily is an adorable little angel that has been singing ever since she could talk, but that almost didn`t happen. Emily`s mom was blessed with the pregnancy of Emily, but her mom had a very rough time while she was pregnant. She ended up being bed ridden for twenty weeks , and nearly lost Emily three times. Emily was finally born, she was early, but was healthy. It took every ounce of faith that her mom and dad had to get through the ordeal, and that is how Emily got her middle name Emily “Faith” Sanders. Her mom and dad certainly got a very special gift, and this gift carries an amazing voice, and they are sharing this gift with us all. “Thank You”.

Emily is now in 2nd grade,and a excellent student with straight A`s, and her music history gets A`s as well. When Emily was five years old she entered a local American Kids competition, this happened after a kid in her class teased her about the competition. Emily was really shy then, but she wanted to enter the competition, and her mom told her that she didn`t know any songs. She said, I know “Jesus Loves Me”. She entered the competition and won, and advanced to the nationals and there ended up winning first place in the Gospel division in her age group.

Emily Faith at stars2come Ever since her first appearance with American Kids and winning, which she now holds many titles, she has gone on to earned many more  awards and well deserved. In 2009 and 2010 she won Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year for the Oklahoma Country Music Singers Association. Then came the North American Country Music Association International here she also won Entertainer of the Year for 2010 and 2011. In 2010 she was named their Vocalist of the Year for the Bluegrass division and 2011 took 2nd place in the New Country Vocalist, plus many more.

Emily is certainly not running short on awards, but neither is she when it comes to performances, at present she has fifty seven performances, with some very impressive engagements. On July 4th, 2010 she had a great opportunity to sing at the Woodward, OK 4th of July Celebration, but prior to the show they got a wonderful surprise. They received a call from the producer for the concerts that was scheduled for the arena, the producer seen a video of Emily singing “God Bless the USA” and wanted her to open the show with that song for President George W. Bush, Marty Stuart, and Sawyer Brown. Before the show she was invited to a private party where she got to meet the President and Mrs. Bush, then it was time for the show and she opened for a crowd of about 10,000 people. Emily was so excited! She also sang the National Anthem For the Make A Wish Foundation Celebrity Slide fundraiser in OK, City for the past two years. This year she opened for the Justin Fox band. This fundraiser often has great celebrities such as Lyle Lovett, and William Shatner. She is thrilled to be apart of this great organization. Emily is gaining celebrity status herself, and working with some of the top performers. Currently she is working on a project with the CMSA and Toby Keith on a fundraiser for the Toby Keith Kids Korral to benefit pediatric cancer patients at the Children’s Hospital  at OU Medical Center.

Emily is a girl with a great gift to entertain. She has all the drive and ambition to succeed as a singer, and is well on her way. Emily is someone that has proven, that with “Faith” wonderful things can happen, and because of this “Faith” the world is now graced with another star soon to join the ranks of people like Loretta Lynn. If you are anywhere near where Emily performs, this is a must see show, do not miss it!