Emily Harder

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   Emily Harder , what a great voice this young woman has. Emily is fifteen years old and lives in Canada. Her favorite thing to do is sing. She says she started singing about the same time she started to talk. Boy has that paid off . She can sing anything pop , country. Her videos has over two million hits combined . You just don`t find people like Emily everyday ,that can achieve that large of a fan base. It takes great talent to get this size of a fan base. Emily for sure has it.

    She said ,she had her first show when she was ten years old. In 2009 she won the Seth Riggs Summer Vocal Program contest , and the 2009 Valley Voices contest. I have no dought that she will win many more . I believe soon she will win the great prize of a big record label , and be singing along side some of her favorite stars Demi Lavato , Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift . She certainly has the voice and the stage presnce in front of the camera. I read on her channel that she was shy_ it sure don`t show. Emily looks quite at home in front of a mike and camera , as you can see below.


     Not only is Emily a talented singer but a song writer as well . She started writing her own songs about thirteen years old. The song above is one of her originals  ” Tomorrow ” it is a very nice song well written and performed . The video had great imagination very enjoyable to watch ( I believe she would do a great job of acting too ). There is a good message in the song , that if I am having a bad day that “everything will change tomorrow”. There is alot of truth in that.  The songs she writes and sings has alot of passion and adds attatude which really brings out the star quality in her.

     I read that on the way back from the vocal camp she made a stop, and while there ended up in a contest and won it . It said that she had always wanted a giant check _well it came true . Below is the video of her singing the climb . This is the song that won her the giant check, and well deserved.

     She was in a video contest on Endoora , she won that as well winning a ten day trip to Bel  Air and study with some of the worlds top vocal coaches.  You can get her original songs on itunes please visit and down load your favorite.  Emily not only is a great singer but a real nice person as well. Visit her, at her channel and listen to her many great videos and remmber to say hi while your there .