Emily Rae Shively

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Emily is another wonderful country singer from Florida. For someone that has only been singing about a year, she has a great voice and very good control. Even with singing for a short time, Emily has done very well and is being noticed quickly.

When Emily started about a year ago, she began singing at nursing homes and local gigs. She had a lot of fun singing at a rodeo, she was actually there performing for the fair and the rodeo people heard her and asked if she would sing the National Anthem. They put her in the back of the rodeo truck and drove her all around singing and waving. Emily had another great experience when she sang for the Pensacola Blue Wahoo’s, with a full stadium. Before she was even half way through people were already cheering, and by the end it was very loud and it was all for Emily. She was very excited that they liked her singing so much.

Emily really loves Carrie Underwood, she covers Carrie a lot along with Martina McBride. When you get down to it Emily is happy when she sings and loves that her singing makes others happy as well. Coming up soon she will be performing at the Country Music Hall of Fame and will also be competing in a contest that will be awarded while she is in Nashville in September.

Her goal is to start writing and have some original songs of her own. Emily loves doing covers, but she says it would be great to have her own songs and eventually an album. She is getting a good start with the completion of three songs already.

Emily is a wonderful artist with a bright future. She says how ever that she can be crazy at times. Her dad is in the Marines so they have moved a lot, but she thinks that has helped her be who she is. She hopes to one day to get to meet Carrie Underwood. At the rate that Emily is going with her career she might not only get to meet Carrie, but maybe get to sing right along side of her. Emily is one to keep your eye on, because you can bet there will be a lot of great things to come from her.