Emma Johnson


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Emma is a wonderful girl that is destined for the theater. Her voice is perfect for any musical. Her range, expressions, and clarity  in her voice is incredible. One song she sings, “Think Of Me” from the Phantom Of The Opera, is amazing, so wonderfully done, this is where she belongs, Broadway!

Emma has such a amazing gift, and this gift was first realized by her family and friends when she was about seven. She has recently picked up a great vocal coach, Natalie Krupansky, and Emma says she is just wonderful. She first performed when she was four at church, but she really didn’t start getting in to it much until around seven. Then she began to sing a lot in church and talent shows.

“Think Of Me”, is a song she sang for her dance recital last year and has become her favorite performance so far. She says, she just loves singing that song. This song and others like it fits her so well and if she continues she has a great chance at being a new Broadway star. Another song she loves is “My Favorite Things”, she sang this at her county fair and her school talent show. She feels she sings this song the best, but she also loves “Sound of Music”.  She has won first place at her school talent show once and second place twice, and the county fair she won first place twice. With her great voice it is no surprise her winning so much, and you know there will be many more.

Emma loves, Kristen Chenoweth she has been a great inspiration to her. She hopes to someday   have a successful career like Kristen. Kristen has been on Broadway, and TV, and this is what Emma dreams of as well. Emma has so much fun on stage, and wants to share her voice with everyone. Emma is for sure one that needs to have her voice heard, it is amazing. She has a great passion for music and wants it to be a big part of her life. Not only does she hope to be on Broadway, and TV, but would like very much to be in movies and commercials. She can do about everything in entertainment, and this is certainly where she belongs. Emma has the gift to take her many wonderful places in life and it is only a matter of time before the doors begin to fly open, and she takes off on a beautiful journey.