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Colorado is a place filled with wonder and beauty. People living or visiting Colorado often talk about the mountains and the scenery, how inspirational it is. This beautiful place was the home of John Denver, a true legend. He too found inspiration in Colorado creating some of the best known songs that are still sung around the world. For decades, John’s music has warmed the hearts of many. His creations were brilliant. Now Colorado is home to another creator of song, Emma Marie. Just like John, Emma’s music is captivating and makes you feel whole and warm inside. Maybe Emma is picking up some of the same senses that John did. At just eleven years old, Emma already posses the creativity that could make her too, a legend.

When listening to Emma it is easy to forget that she is only eleven years old. Her voice is so smooth and well tuned, more of a veteran than an eleven year old. It is great to have the technology that we do today. This technology allows us all to witness someone grow into a star or legend, and Emma is one we get to watch with great anticipation.

Emma has been singing pretty much from the very beginning. Emma’s mom is a music teacher and she has always encouraged Emma in her music. Over time, she has been involved with several choirs and musicals. As for choirs, Emma auditioned for the Centennial Children’s Choir and became part of that. In musicals, the most recent she was Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz. She is currently working the part of Peter Pan. Emma’s first public performance just happens to be a musical it was when she was in kindergarten.

At the age of nine Emma began to learn guitar and this is when the creativity she possesses started coming to life. With only a few chords learnt, she was hearing melodies. Her mom then encouraged Emma to start writing songs. Now in this short time, she is performing her own songs all around Colorado. In the summer of 2015 she performed on the Singer Songwriters Stage at Bohemian Nights in Fort Collins, Colorado. She really loved this. “The crowd was so amazing and supportive and I was the youngest performer ever to perform on an adult stage at this festival with youth musician, Grace Kuch” says Emma. She had another great experience when she performed at the “Blues From The Top” in Winter Park, Colorado. “It was such an amazing experience and I got to meet and collaborate with other talented youth musicians” says Emma.

Music is something that has no boundaries and by having no boundaries,  great things happen. As for Emma she connected with another creative talent 5000 miles away, Lucy Gowen. Lucy is also a growing legend with her abilities to shred a guitar with the best of them, people tune in to her from around the world. When you put two talents like these together, it becomes extraordinary. In Colorado there is a program called, RAMP (Rising Artist Mentorship Program) by Vincent Burkardt. Vincent already knew Emma and he found Lucy on social media. After this, magic happened. They decided to collaborate together, Emma was recorded and filmed in Colorado and Lucy in the UK. They covered the iconic song, Sweet Child O Mine. Taylor Ault edited the video with great skill giving the illusion they were on stage together.  They are a perfect fit. Not only was some great music created, but a friendship as well. They now hangout together online playing music. People often talk about various dream teams, well this is one of those dream teams. Emma and Lucy together on the same stage, wow! that would be a team. No matter what the event, they would bring the house down. The two of them with their talents, compliments each other so well. Everyone likes ice cream, they are the milk and sugar, the main ingredients to something people love the world over.

Emma Marie at stars2come  Emma’s talents have earned her many awards. She won her first award at “Big Country’s Got Talent” through Big Country radio station at Cheyenne Frontier Days. “I sang my first two originals in this competition and was the youngest to perform” said Emma. This is what really kicked everything off for her. Emma has also won “Most Original” at Stars of Tomorrow as well as “People’s Choice”. Just recently she won “Performer Of The Year” from Blue Star Connection. Blue Star Connection is an organization Emma is involved with that provides musical instruments to kids and young adults with life threatening diseases.

For most, performing is fun, and Emma feels the very same. She just loves it. Emma loves when people come up to her and tells her that a certain song touched them. She wants as many people possible to hear her music. “It is very important to me to be a positive role model for young people and encourage people with the lyrics of my songs” says Emma.

Lot of people when they perform, sing covers, so does Emma, but very few. Emma wants to be her own person, and prefers singing her own songs. She is gaining quite the repertoire with twenty songs now written. Her most special song is, “Whispers Of Love” this is because, she is adopted. “When I was a baby my birth mother wrote a poem about her love for me. I decided to take that poem and make into a song” says Emma. This shows just how special her gift of creativity is, she has taken a poem and turned it into a powerful story that is full of love and warmth. The song says in the beginning that she is a gift. She was a gift, a gift to everyone.

Whispers Of Love

Emma gains inspiration for writing from different things, like Whispers Of Love, the poem was her inspiration. However many times she will start strumming and melodies appear in her head. Her mom will help her figure out what melodies are good and to use. When it comes to lyrics, she thinks about what message she wants to get out, her mom will help her tweak the words. Emma and her mom make a very good songwriting team.

Emma has several gigs coming up, be sure to catch her live if you can. A few of them are, March 10 a benefit for Blue Star Connection, March 24 Musicians Angels Network fundraiser, March 18 at Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital, and Blues from the Top in June. Keep up with where she is by visiting her website http://www.emmamariemusic.net/.

Emma is skilled beyond her years as a songwriter, and is able to deliver the songs with intensity, but yet soothing at the same time. There are different things that set artists apart from those who just sing. One of these is that ability to not only write and deliver a song, but for that song to stick with the person after hearing it. This is what happens after listening to Emma’s songs, they stick with you, not forgotten once the end comes. There must be something great in Colorado producing yet another stand out artist. When people are asked what stands out to them about Colorado, most say the Rockies and John Denver. In a few short years that just may change, and Emma Marie will be added in response to Colorado.