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Emma Rose she is one of the most awesome girls you could ever want to talk with and listen to. She is such a down to earth person with one amazing voice. She is mostly a pop kind of girl, but she has a bit of country that comes out in her voice, and maybe it is these together that gives her songs such a great vibe.

Emma a thirteen year old California girl has had a great journey in music. She started out very early in life with her singing. At five she started working with a vocal coach, but has been so busy throughout her career that she has never been able to keep any regular sessions. She has kept very busy with musical theater and in the recording studio. Once seven rolled around she was out performing as a solo artist, and she was just as adorable then as she is now. One of her most favorite performances was when she got to perform on the big stage at the San Diego County Fair, at nine years old. Another favorite of her`s was Coronado Rocks.  when she finished her set, she was later called back on stage and performed an original song with Randy Jackson of (Zebra), they sang “Rock Me To Sleep”, which she co-wrote with Randy. Emma likes writing songs, she enjoys writing about things that are going on in her life. She also co-writes with Randy, and the songs they come up with is awesome. Emma doesn`t just sing either she acts as well. She has been in several commercials, and a pilot show on the Sci-Fi channel, plus a couple of projects for Ashton Kutcher.

Emma Rose at stars2come Emma has just recently been joined by her brothers, John and Jake Clegg. They are triplets, and together they are Emma Rose and The Band. Jake plays guitar and John plays drums, and keyboard. They are now working on a huge anti-bullying project. From being a victim her self she knows first hand about how it effects people. Emma along with her brothers  are doing everything they can to help bring an end to bullying. With this brother sister team you be sure there will be a lot of great music, and excitement to come.

All three love music and loves to sing, but there are a few differences in things they like. Emma is for sure every boys dream because not only is she pretty, but she loves to cook, bake, hang out with her friends, movies and of coarse singing and playing music. Jake he likes to surf, play video games, guitar and most of all sing. John he likes to play drums, take pictures, going to the beach, writing music and singing. They all do have a few differences, but one thing that is the same about them is, their love of music, and they are awesome. They all hope to tour the world some day, and with the sound they have, some day may come sooner than they think. Taking words from another Randy Jackson “They are the bomb!”  They have a performance coming up, they will have a 90 minute show at the San Diego County Fair, on June 30 at 1:00PM. If you are anywhere near be sure to go by and see their performance. Recently they have each won a C.A.R.E. Awards.

Emma, Jake, and John are really great people, they are always helping anyway they can to help raise money for good causes. They are always working hard in their careers, doing everything they can to live their dreams. They are so dedicated to what they do that you can be sure to find them playing at a arena near you very soon.