Emma Webb

emma webb at stars2come
 Emma is one girl that has a lot going for her. Emma sings mostly pop music and her style stands out very well, which is very important to stand out from the rest. She is very flashy and colorful. She presents herself very well on stage, not one bit afraid, she is a great person to see perform live, very fun, with some awesome vocals, a complete joy.

 Emma is ten years old and lives in Tennessee, a tall beautiful young lady. Emma began her journey when she was eight years old, with her first live performance for Dillard`s fashion show.  Here in the past few months she has started vocal training with Paula Cole, to help increase her range. She has also started guitar lessons recently with Belo Page.

 It was an awesome experince to see her perform at the Nashville Palace, it was very enjoyable and the Palace is one of her favorite places to perform. Another place she enjoys to perform at is,  the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis. She is scheduled to perform for Nashville Spotlight in April, which should be a great show.


Emma Webb at stars2come

 Emma is certainly on the right track, getting around being seen and performing at different places. This is what it takes to make it and she is working hard at it. She is looking forward to begin singing at some competitions to get the experience and the feedback that comes from them. Emma has been taking on all aspects of her career, including writing her own songs. Her newest song she wrote along with Geof Byrd called “Sweet Tooth” and she is currently working on a couple more.

 Emma is doing very well on stage, but she is no stranger to TV either, she has been on the Loretta McNairy show, the Rick Montana show, and the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission (Memphis Music Reveled). Emma is for sure not holding back, she is in it to make her dreams come true. One day she hopes to win a Grammy and get the opportunity to meet her idol Taylor Swift, and perform her songs as much as possible.  Some of this is being realized already with her original song “Sweet Tooth” being played often in Australia by their local DJ Jase Kerr, and has gone number one on Tween Pop Radio. With Emma`s great attitude when it comes to her career, we are most certain to see her make her mark in the music industry. Please stop by and visit Emma at her facebook. Emma`s new single coming soon.

emma webb at stars2come