Emma Wright

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 This Australian beauty, is talent through and through, from her voice to her to her stage presence.  Emma, with her sound and style, she is certain to become a queen of music in Australia. There is a lot of great young female  artists coming up in Australia, for a while now, boys have been getting noticed, and signed from Australia, but with girls like Emma, that is sure to change very soon.

 Emma, thirteen years old, has been singing since she could talk, but her first real experience singing came when she was five. This first experience was in, pantomimes in, New South Wales, she was not supposed to be involved with the performance, it was only suppose to be her sister. The people that was holding the audition told her, that she could audition with her sister, but she did not want to sing with someone else. Emma had prepared a solo, and they allowed her to perform it, and she came out, and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Emma does takes vocal lessons and she is trained in classical, but says, she has had to break out of a few classical habits. She has another person who also helps with her singing and that is Jennifer Matthews from Bignote, Emma says, she is an amazing role model. Emma has also started learning the guitar, but her main instrument is piano, but she also plays the flute and drums. With so much talent Emma`s fans are  going to hear some awesome music for a long time to come.


emma wright at stars2come

 After Emma`s first performance when she was five, she has grown more serious with her performances. She has never been afraid of being in front of people, and she now performs any where she can, she loves to put smiles on people`s faces. There is one thing about Emma, she has one of the best attitudes, when it comes to her singing, she says, I always perform to the best of my ability whether it`s in front of a mirror, my dog or a room  full of people. This makes a world of difference having the right attitude, and Emma certainly has it.

 Emma has been in many competitions, and has won her share of awards. She performs annually in the Gold Coast Eisteddfod, as well as, Redlands Eisteddfod, among other competitions in, New South Wales. In 2009 at the Gold Coast Eisteddfod, she won the most Outstanding Solo Performing twelve years and over. At the Redlands Eisteddfod, she won the Junior Championship and Most Promising Musician, she has also been involved in musicals, pantomimes, short films, and public speaking competitions.

 Emma has been inspired some great people, like Maroon 5, she says, she looks up to them, for their unique sound, and Taylor Swift, because her lyrics are so easy to relate to, and her songs are meaningful. Her most important influence comes from her family, who has supported her though everything, and of coarse the Bignote team. This also turns out to be her goal, to be able to influence others, to chase after their dreams, and to perform in front of a screaming crowd of fans. With her amazing voice, that is sure to come true, and with her CD coming out soon, with all original songs, that she wrote herself. She says, the first two tracks sound amazing. With the amazing talent that she has her fans are going to go crazy over her CD and her goal of performing in front of a crowd of screaming fans will be full-filled.