EMMARIE at stars2come





EMMARIE is a great artist with style. She carries style in her appearance, performances and music. Her style truly stands out in her imagination for writing songs.  Her first single, “Fighting Dragons” is a great example of that. This is an amazing song very well written and the music is very catchy. She said, creating this song was quite an adventure. She had many ideas in her original lyrics, but she was thinking about how people face challenges everyday such as bullying or health issues, so she wanted to give them a voice to know that we all have inner strength to deal with our life’s battles. EMMARIE made some revisions to her lyrics and “Fighting Dragons” emerged. She says that everyone can relate to fairytales and everyone loves happy endings, and that became the imagery for her message.  The music video was a lot of fun for her, they found a local castle and videoed in different locations. She felt the location really brought her story to life. That was a perfect location for this video, giving the title you couldn’t get a better location. This is a very special song for her because it is her first. How ever she is currently in the process of writing more songs.

EMMARIE got an early start in her career by getting involved with a drama program when she was eight. This drama group would go around to local fairs and perform skits, songs and dance routines. The big turning point for her was when she performed as Grizabella in Cats and sang, “Memory” this is when she realized that this was her destiny.  Since then she has had the pleasure of performing at the Apollo in New Your City. She loved this because she knew that Michael Jackson and so many other famous artists performed there. EMMAIRE also had the opportunity to perform at the House Of Blues in Boston. She said, it was a very cool place.

EMMAIRE is a girl that was born for the stage. When performing live she loves to get the crowd involved and try and make them a part of her performance. She does work very hard to achieve her goals in music, such as working on vocal skills and keeping her dreams a live. One of these dreams she has is to perform Time Square on New Years Eve.  With the progress she is making she has a great chance of making that dream. EMMARIE is on her single release tour right now covering four states.

She is truly a wonderful girl that enjoys a lot of good things in life. EMMARIE loves science, joking around and musical theater. She does want to give back to her community and performs charitable events when ever possible. The talent and imagination she has for writing will give her a large edge to many artists out there today. This is a very important part of being an artist and she is amazing!