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This is one beautiful young lady, with an out of this world voice. Meet fifteen year old Ensa from Albania.  Ensa is just plain and simple  one of the world`s best voices. Her cover songs are brilliant. Her expressions in these songs are amazing, it is like she is truly living the story, and wants you to live it too.  Ensa says, she is currently the first and only cover maker in her country. She considers her YouTube covers as performances, and her favorite covers so far are, “Edge of Glory”, “Price Tag”, and “Love You Like a Love Song”. Her cover of “Love You Like a Love Song”, was done as good or better than Selena. Selena is one person that I thought no one would be able to do a song as well she does, but Ensa did it.

 This wonderful voice started coming about when she was four years old. Ensa loved music, and she would never take off her ipod headphones for anything, not even to sleep. From the very start she could memorize any song she liked with ease. She took her voice to the public when she was nine years old. Ensa auditioned and participated in a children`s festival called, “Young Voices”. She said, it was an amazing and unforgettable event.  Since then she has done many public performances, and it only takes one listen to understand why she has done many performances. Ensa has won many awards and prizes such as, “Special Prizes”, Best Interpret” , and “Most Beautiful Voices”.

Her idol for music is Valeriya, a Russian singer. Ensa says, she is one of the best singers on earth. Her other idol is Lady Gaga, because she is amazing. Ensa loves music, and loves to bring it her way, and being able to express herself. She loves every single emotion that she gets from it. Ensa says, it is all about the moment when you are on stage, and you can hear all those people cheering for you. This is her way of staying happy. She might be staying happy with what she is doing, but she is certainly making many other people happy along the way with her.

Ensa hopes to be on “The Voice” or “X-Factor” in her country soon. She is always trying to better her self along the way, by studying piano and soon to start guitar. Her friends call her Little Gaga, and she is proud of it. She also speaks four languages, Albanian, Russian, French, and English. She loves acting and photography. Ensa is talented in so many ways. She is sure to be known world wide very soon, this kind of talent will not remain unnoticed, she will rise to the top. The beautiful voice she has and her strive for perfection in her songs, is what will take her to some very amazing places in the world. Ensa is amazing!