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What a voice Erin Ott carries. This young lady is making her place in country music and country needs a voice like hers. Erin has a modern voice with a traditional sound mixed in and when she sings everyone listens. The mix Erin has works perfectly whether she sings traditional or new country. Erin has an advantage with the mix allowing her to sing any song, and give every song a little extra flavor.

Erin started out on her adventure around the age of eight. In Maryville, Tennessee there is a small place called the Dawgpatch. This was her first performance. The Dawgpatch may have been her first public performance, but not the first time she had a mic in her hand. When Erin was still very little, her mom went to school, and her dad sang at different venues. Her dad would take Erin with him, leaving her in the car seat, giving her a live mic and live monitor that faced towards her, so only she could hear. At this time in her life she could neither walk or talk, but loved having that mic in her hand. The love and passion she has for music, was literally from the very beginning created by her own dad.

Erin has sung at many places, but her largest was at the Civic Coliseum in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is one of her favorite performances, she was able to meet and sing for Joe Diffie. She loved meeting him. Another performance that meant a lot to Erin was at Congressman Jimmy Duncan’s birthday party. At this event Erin was able to meet many important people like Mayors and Governors, along with other political people.

Erin Ott at stars2come  In this short time Erin has been performing, she is already an award winner. She competed in NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International) in 2014 and 2015. In 2014 she claimed Modern Country Female Vocalist of the Year and Entertainer of the Year in her age category. In March 2015 she claimed Classic Country Female Vocalist of the Year and Classic Female Entertainer of the Year. Erin has won many other awards such as regional competitions with Smokey Mountain Country Music Association, which included recording time with Simms Records. She also took first place in the Mountain Soul Competition in 2013 at the Bluegrass festival in Sevierville, Tennessee, and first place at TVA&I fair.

Performing for Erin is all about evoking emotion. She loves to see people react to her music and the songs she sings. “If I can bring tears to someone’s eye, make them smile, or remember a special memory, then that makes me happy”, says Erin. When she is out performing, Erin enjoys covering some of her favorite artists, like Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline. Each one of these artists is special in their own way to Erin. Carrie because she has awesome songs and is a good example for girls to follow. Dolly is an awesome songwriter. Erin loves the enthusiasm and love that Dolly has for her fans. Patsy was one of the most iconic singers of all time, and Erin loved the way she was able to pull fans into her music. Erin hopes to accomplish vocally what her idols did for themselves. She is working hard to meet these achievements. Performing also gives her a chance to meet many different people and become friends. She stays in touch with them through social media. With performing comes a few perks such as meeting stars and other important people. Some people Erin has met are Joe Diffie, Jason Aldean and writers like Kim Williams and Dave Wilburn only to name a small few.

Erin currently has one original song out called, If The Heart Is Right. This is her first single which was recorded in Nashville, in October 2013. If The Heart Is Right was written by award-winning writer John Condrone, at Hilltop Studios in Nashville. Her single is being played on Medusa Radio in the Netherlands where it has been in the top 10 twice in one month since it started playing in February 2015. It is also in rotation on Best Country Radio in Nashville.

Songwriting is something Erin has started work on, but does not have many written as of yet. Erin is a member of the Knoxville Songwriters. She likes writing about how life use to be and the easy living that is so different from today. Her ideas come from things other people say.

Erin has made her way to TV. She has appeared on the Laura Dodd’s video jukebox where she was interviewed and sang four songs. Erin says she is a very nice lady. Erin is a regular on the Ciderville TV show, which airs in Oak Ridge, Tennessee on Saturday nights and WYSH internet. She has also performed on CBS, WBIR Channel 10, “Live At Five Ar Four” where she got to talk about her past and upcoming performances.

Erin has many performances coming up that people can catch her at. On May 15 at Cold War Patriots – Oak Ridge Tn., May 15, 16 Eagleton Benefit Rodeo Ciderville show, May 16 Mountain Soul Competition, May 21 Golden Coral, May 22 Tres Nursery and June 10 Brunch With The Stars. Be sure and catch her at one of these shows.

Her goal like many, is to sing one day on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Erin wants to sing where so many greats have stood to sing their songs. She hopes to become a household name and own a big bus. When she makes money from singing she is often asked what she’s going to do with it, and she says, “saving it to buy a bus”.

Singing is Erin’s passion ,but she says that God is her ultimate passion. It is he who has given her the talent, and she intends on using it. She says he has also blessed her tremendously with people in her life to encourage and guide her along the way. These people include her family and people like David West who Erin says is the ultimate banjo player. He encourages her to learn as many instruments as she can. Erin loves the banjo and bass, and hopes to one day play as well as he does. Erin comes from a musical family which many of the people in her family can play anything with strings.

Erin is very blessed with the ability to entertain, and a voice that is setting her apart from many others. There is a place for her in music and she will no doubt be around for a very longtime. Be sure to stop by and visit her many social network outlets, you can find links to them all on her Reverbnation page.