Eryn Nicole Pablico

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Eryn Nicole is a amazingly beautiful and talented girl. Her voice is perfect for pop or rock and she uses it with outstanding precision. While her talent and love for music allows her to sing songs from Alicia Keyes and do it beautifully, Eryn’s destiny is being the next Selena Gomez. Selena has the great ability to bring style, beauty, and attitude to her music and videos, and Eryn shares these same great traits that has made Selena a superstar. Eryn covered “Rock God” by Selena Gomez along with a video and it is better than Selena herself. In the video you can see the glow that Eryn has on camera, the glow is bright enough to light up many rooms. Her attitude and expressions are sensational. This was her first winning video, and it is easy to see and hear why.

Eryn started off singing at a very early age, but unlike many girls that run around singing into a hairbrush, she would sing using a sharpie to Hillary Duff. It was not long before she had her first performance at a school talent show in the first grade. She sang, “Who Says” by Hannah Montana. After this performance Eryn kept telling her mom that she wanted to sing all her life and be a rock star. Eryn has all the makings of a great star, and one day she will have the world at her finger tips.  In early 2011 she was doing musical theater and her group performed at a elementary school, and the thing she remembered most from this was how happy it made all the kids. Eryn felt this was one of the most amazing things, performing is making people happy. She had another performance in 2011, for a Teena Marie Tribute. She sang, “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keyes. This was one of her favorite performances because of the experience and how much fun it was. This performance was at the Catalina Jazz Club, and they even had a little red carpet for her to walk on. Eryn won a award for Best Performance Preteen at this show.

Eryn loves singing because she gets to see people smile and be happy when she sings, and that is amazing for her. She always says, “I do what I love and I love what I do”! She gets a lot of inspiration for singing from her two mentors, Coren Zai and Billy Hufsey. She says, they have taught her so much and she is so thankful for all they have done for her. She hopes to be a big star someday and then she will be able to spread happiness to even more people. Eryn’s main goal is to never let herself down or become conceited. Eryn says, success is when preparation meets opportunity and she has a lot of amazing opportunities in front of her that she wants to share. With the talent that Eryn has there will be many more opportunities pouring her way.

Eryn is truly an amazing performer with a lot of heart. She is Selena reborn again and just like Selena Eryn will be bringing a lot of great music to us all. She also has a big heart, Eryn has now joined the Las Vegas Tunes for Tots dream team raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation. Anytime there is a event be sure to go and see how wonderful Eryn is and help someone else in the process. Eryn along with the rest of the dream team will be making a lot of people happy, don’t miss it!