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For anyone that is feeling down and things seem dim, the only thing a person needs to do is turn to a child. A child has the power to turn around even the darkest of days with just a smile or a few words.  Fallon Marie is one of these children that posses this power. Fallon carries one of the largest and purest hearts that has ever been placed in a child. It is her heart that allows Fallon to touch people, warming their hearts, and bringing joy.

In March of 2015 it was a pleasure to meet and witness the great power Fallon has over people. It was at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, there were many people singing that day. After watching several, a little girl walks out on stage, she was as beautiful as a star in the night. One of the songs she sung was called, More Than A Name On The Wall. When she began singing, the entire theater fell silent. The innocence of her voice gave so much meaning to the words of the song. Every word you felt deep within your soul. Fallon touched everyone in that room that day, reducing many to tears. Her soft and gentle voice had everyone trained on her. What great power she has. This power cannot be taught, it comes from within.  It is clear what Fallon’s mission is on earth, and that is to touch people’s hearts.

More Than A Name On The Wall:

Fallon comes from a military family, and you can hear the great honor she has when singing, More Than A Name On The Wall. This song was co-written by a friend of her’s, Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Brothers. This song touches many hearts. It is a song about a mom who is praying to God and asking him to tell her son he is more than a name on The Vietnam Wall Memorial. Fallon had originally sung this song for Veterans Day at school one year. I believe it is her unique perspective of the military that gives her so much conviction when singing this song to move people the way she does. It is virtually impossible to listen to Fallon and not get misty eyed. Fallon is very proud of her daddy for serving in the Air Force. She also has a Papaw who is a Vietnam War Veteran, and two great grandpa’s who were in WWII. One of them was a POW.

Fallon Marie at stars2come  Ten year old Fallon lives in Kentucky and she has been touching hearts for a big part of those years. Fallon like many started out singing in church, she was four years old the first time.

Since her beginning Fallon has sung at many places, but for her, singing at NACMAI is her favorite. Fallon sang at NACMAI in March 2015 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. She felt like she was in her own world. She had never felt that at any of the other places she had performed.

NACMAI is a competition, and she won youth age 7-12 Female Bluegrass Entertainer of The Year. Fallon won another talent competition in Louisville Kentucky. This was a charity event which sponsored homeless children and families. Fallon’s big heart prevails again returning the prize money to the charity to help the organization. Even with Fallon winning at competitions, that is not why she sings. “I really prefer singing rather than competing because the competition can take the joy out of why I sing,” says Fallon.

Fallon likes the way performing makes her feel, she says it is like you are in your own world on stage. “The lights, the solitude, the music. It makes me feel like nothing else matters except for what I am doing at the moment,” says  Fallon.

Dolly Parton is Fallon’s favorite artist to cover. Fallon likes Dolly because of her unique voice and loves the way she can move her voice. Fallon also feels Dolly is very stylish and loves the way she dresses, but more important it is her talent that Fallon loves so much. Her goal is to one day meet Dolly.

Fallon is learning to write her own songs. She has only one written so far, but she has helped her dad with a couple of his arrangements. You can find these songs on her CD. Most of the ideas for her writing comes from her experiences as a little girl just having fun enjoying herself. “Writing songs are hard but daddy says I have potential, and he’s excited to work on more music with me. So, we will see what happens,” says Fallon.

Whenever possible go see Fallon in action. You can see her opening her hometown’s Memorial Parade. Also she will be doing a performance that has great meaning for her in Louisville Kentucky. This will be to support Kossairs Children’s hospital. This is special because it was here that she had her own heart surgery in 2014. In October she will be doing a live two hour string band show at the Caneyville, Kentucky Fair and Homecoming. Fallon is excited about this because it will be her first show with a live bluegrass band. She will be accompanied by her cousin Seth Bratcher.

Mama’s Teaching Angels How To Sing:

Fallon says she would love to have a part-time job singing bluegrass and gospel music when not attending marine life as a veterinarian. Bluegrass is in her heart and hopes to one day take a little bluegrass to Paris. “Playing my mandolin on the Eiffel Tower would be awesome,” says Fallon.

When you see Fallon, the way she looks and dresses is a reflection of her personality. She does love bluegrass music, she says it can be just as fun and exciting as pop or hip hop, and she wants to show that to her generation. She would like people to know that she is just a girl having fun, and giving God credit for her talents.

Fallon is very talented indeed. She is a warm and kind person. Her presence here on earth is making it a better place. She was put here to help bring joy to us all. On her journey, she will inspire and touch many hearts. You can find Fallon on Facebook and become apart of her journey.