Florida’s Teen Singing Sensation, Samantha LaPorta

Florida’s teen singing sensation Samantha LaPorta  pumps out hit songs one right after another. Having an emerging artist release hit after hit in such a short time frame, doesn’t happen often. But, when Samantha gets hold of a song, her abilities in delivering a song is mind blowing. In less than a year Samantha has released, Summertime Hold On Me, Santa’s Back In Business and I Know U Know. 

Samantha being a Florida native she must have a special connection to the state within. When recording a song, Samantha has a natural ability to make it feel bright and fresh. The sunshine state has a special hold on her to where the listener can feel the brightness and freshness that she exudes throughout her music. Whether it is Christmas, summer or anywhere in between, it can be felt. People like foot tapping fun music that brightens their day, and Samantha delivers that without fail. 

The brightness, and her delivery plays a big part in why people gravitate to her music. In December 2016 Samantha got a taste of just how much people love her music and her sound. While riding in the car listening to Disney Radio her and her mom heard the intro to, Santa’s Back In Business. This over whelmed them both.  “We looked at each other and started screaming, grabbed my phone to share, but just couldn’t hold back the tears” says Samantha. The song became #2 on the Total Request show where fans vote for songs. People are loving it!  Her latest release, I Know U Know has gained momentum quickly on Pandora with 58,000 streams this past week alone. 

The music Samantha releases is infectious, and plays a large part in her success, but it takes a good team as well. The songs she has been releasing has had a great team of writers and producers behind them. Summertime Hold On Me and I Know U Know was written by Matt Wong and Maria Christiansen, and produced by Jason Nevins and Lucas Prata. Jason, he has produced and remixed songs for major artists, and Lucas is a recording artist, and is teaching her to navigate the music industry. “They are both very talented and I love working in the studio with them” says Samantha. Samantha co-wrote a song with Maria then another with Matt on her April trip to LA. She loved their ideas. It was exciting and an amazing experience for her. “It’s the difference between buying a beautiful dress and having one made just for you, where you get to add in your own style” says Samantha. Both of these songs can be heard on, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Google Play, I Heart Radio and Spotify. 

These songs are fun in the sun type of songs, and that is exactly where the videos to them were filmed, the sunny beaches of Florida. The videographer is, Imagine Creation located in Mobil Alabama. They worked together to come up with the ideas. Se began thinking about what the song means, and then created a story that reflects the song. “Both videos were super fun to make because I asked my friends, Do you want to be in a music video, and we had a blast” says Samantha. 

Samantha has also teamed up with Sweetyhigh. Sweetyhigh is a social media pop culture company with a great message about girl power and having fun in a positive way through entertainment. Her first trip to LA was like a dream, lots of meetings, Red Carpet movie premiere where she met Sweetyhigh and being welcomed to the Disney Family. “That was my dream come true. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a Disney Kid” says Samantha. Samantha did her first Musical.ly and Red Carpet interview with Sweetyhigh. “I am so thrilled that they like my music and have shared it” says Samantha. 

On Samantha’s most recent trip to LA, she attended the Radio Disney Music Awards. “I couldn’t wait to see Britney Spears who was being honored with the Icon award” says Samantha. During this trip she was able to meet a few of her favorite Disney actors and artists. 

The last trip to LA may have been to attend the awards and watch her favorites receive them, but next time, may just be her turn to receive. Samantha’s music is so bright and infectious, that people cannot resist Samantha along with her great team are working together on new songs. Her fans except more music infection very soon.